Tumblr Crushes:

  • ayeeitsmikeyy  HUSBANDDDDDDDD<3333 I will put a ring on it once you come to the real free country of Canaynay <3
  • purple-platypus-bear Ohayyy there jailbait. I can’t wait to implement the plan with Mikey. I bet you can’t wait either ;)
  • durianseeds NURBURRRRR <3 The best of the best
  • jennbrew troi oi em gai oi <3 Why do you have to be so far. It’s hard to laugh with you when you’re across the world
  • ryecandy OHOHOHOHO HAI THUR RYAN :D I can’t flirt with you or sid will kill me :P and I’m married. SORRY BOOBOO
  • just-turn-back-around One of these is not like the other… LOL jks I miss you caitlynd! I hope you’re having a blastt don’t let them hatas tear you down. They our beneath us :)
  • gregasaurus Who the fuq r u? Who the fuq let you in here? Let me tell you how things work around here. This is my tumblr, these are my crushes and this is me telling you that you need to learn your place. <3333
  • ibejangry LOL omg, rubyjang it’s about time you made it on here. crazy bitch. Let’s find a home soon <3 I can’t wait.
  • denniscakes ahhhh dennnissss where do I even begin with Dennis. LOl jks I miss you!! and your height <3 LOL I need to start being more strict with myself and school like you. sigh.

Here’s Destinasian Dance Crew at Fly for Pop Asia Night! For less than 2 months of practice, I’m pretty happy with the turn out! Big thank you to ryecandy chooters and Roderic for being super amazing and making the night hella fun.

And a big thank you to xxxtokisaru for recording =D