rye saison

Avery’s 18th Anniversary Ale pours a somewhat hazy copper color with three fingers of an off white foamy head which is quick to disappear but leaves behind some good lacing.

The usual Saison Aromas are present with bubblegum with cloves and hops blended in. There are also some nice fruity notes, mainly oranges added in.

Lots of bitter clove notes up front in taste, with the yeast really coming out at the end along with the fruit aspects.

A little too thin, but with the right amount of carbonation. Not my favorite brew by Avery, and not my favorite Saison by far, but this is my first rye saison, so I don’t have much to compare it to.


Waterloo 1815 was originally brewed or the anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.  Innocente has rereleased the rye saison again this year. The brew contains ingredients from the seven armies that defeated Napoleon. Sampled on draught the beer poured an opaque deep burnt orange colour with a sudsy yellowish-white head that had good retention. Both the colour and the taste had greater depth compared to a ‘regular’ saison. The nose contained toasted bread, some orange and other fruit flavours, yeasty spice, and a whiff of sulphur. Ribbons of streaming carbonation floated to the top. The taste contained spicy biscuity malts (the rye is noticeable), Belgian yeasts, lemon and pepper. The finish was mildly bitter and drying on the palette. A tasty brew.

5.7% from Waterloo, Ontario IBU: 20


Sampled on draught.  Winding Road for 7 km is a rye saison.  It pours a clear medium amber with a moderate white head.  The aroma contains citrus, especially orange, florals and spices.    It had wild notes to it and reminded me a bit of wine.  Taste is much the same florals and citrus, and citrus peel are in the forefront, but also contains saison yeast notes, rye, peppery spices and a refreshing sourness.  The finish was sweet.  I like the balance of the malts and yeast.  I would revisit this one.

7% from Gravenhurst, Ontario