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The Whiskey Rebellion (a Lady Bathtub Gin original)


I saw it during it’s Public Theater run, and back then Washington’s song “One Last Time” was “One Last Ride” and involved George Washington descending upon the rebels of Western Pennsylvania while Alexander Hamilton yells “Pay Your Fucking Taxes!” behind him which wow could you nail my aesthetic any harder, show!?!?!? J. F. C.

(The lyrics to the version can be found here, and as is the case with all of the changes to Hamilton I’ve noticed, I completely understand WHY the new version nixes the whole bit about the Rebellion, but I still have a fondness for what is now lost)

Anyway, this punch is @linmanuel​‘s fault. 

A note of caution. This is a creation of my own historical nerdery and love of alcohol. I eyeballed the ingredients the first time, liked how it came out so much that I tried to measure them properly the second batch. Two batches were WAAAAAAAAY too much for 3 people. I’m not talking Fish House Punch that bested George Washington dangerous, but this is not a drink for a Wednesday night. 

Whiskey Rebellion Punch

4 oz. Applejack (we used Black Dirt, I think it has a stronger apple flavor)

3 oz. Rye Whiskey* (ALTHOUGH, Bourbon works if you prefer that**)

1 orange

several dashes of Orange bitters

several dashes of Dutch’s colonial bitters

whole cloves

1 cinnamon stick

2 bottles of a sweet cider - I used Angry Orchard because GRRH TAXES >:(

Cut the orange in half. Squeeze one half into your serving pitcher/bowl, and cut the other half into slices. Shove those slices full of cloves, I mean it, what we think of as mulling spices were super important to Colonial American drinking. Throw that cinnamon stick in as well because I’m not joking about the spices damnit. Add the applejack, whiskey and bitters, stir, and let chill in the fridge. This is going to infuse all that spicy goodness and blend those flavors and get it nice and cold so you don’t need to water it down with ice. Once it’s cold, add the two bottles of sweet cider. Serve it in tea cups, because to quote HAMILTON:

“ Look, when Britain taxed our tea, we got frisky 

 Imagine what gon’ happen when you try to tax our whisky” 

-Jefferson, 1st Cabinet Battle

Enjoy, and pay your fucking taxes, my fellow Hamilton-trash. :)


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