Second Chance - Nick Robinson


“Nick Robinson imagine where Nick asked out the reader on a date (which is his crush) and tells her to meet him at this restaurant and hours past by and he never showed up and the reader is upset bc she thought that he actually like her, but he stood her up. And the next day at school she gave him the silent treatment and smacked him across the face and he try’s to make it up to her cuz he really likes her and didn’t mean to stood her up. The rest is up to you. Srry it’s so long😁”

“Miss, would you like to order yet?” The smart looking man was once again stood next to my slouched figure, my eyes tingling with tears as the embarrassment settled in.

This was the 6th time he had been over, In two hours. Yep, two whole hours i was pathetically sat at this small table in this stupidly fancy restaurant.

I should’ve left, I know I should’ve. But there was still that small slither of hope tingling within me, the thought that Nick was going to walk through those doors, greeting me with a beautiful smile.

I was pathetic, really. I shook my head at the tall male, gripping my purse in my small hands before hastily walking away from the table and towards the car park. The air was cold and it nipped painfully at my legs and arms, the wind whipping my hair around my face and shoulders.

Clambering into my car I smacked my hand down on the steering wheel in a burst of anger, the action causing the car to move slightly. Taking deep breaths I straightened out my wind swept hair and brushed away the few tears that had left my eyes and raced down my rosy cheeks.

I had been stood up. I should’ve known the moment the notorious Nick, my own crush, had walked towards me and passed me a slip of paper holding the messy scrawl of details for the night.

“A date” he’d said when my face had show utter confusion, “you and me, Saturday night”. The words had caused my heart to pound harder than ever before, a smile stretching on my lips before I found myself nodding. I should’ve known it was too good to be true. How naive of me to agree so soon and believe that Nick actually had a thing for little old me.

Sighing one more time, I shoved my bag onto the passenger seat and started up my car. I ignored the harsh pricking in my eyes and the knot in my chest as I made my way home. Tomorrow was going to be torture.

“Y/N wait! Hey wait up!” Nicks calls echoed in the hallway, dragging unnecessary attention to me and him. I confined to walk, drowning out his persistent calls with my own thoughts. Clutching my books tighter i weaved between students and kept my head down, surely they already knew what had happened.

A large hand gripped my elbow tightly, the action causing my body to jolt and my arms to release my heavy books onto the carpeted floor. They cluttered messily around my feet, the tanned hand still gripping my elbow as I stood still, the hallway now silent.

“Y/N, Please” Nicks voice held desperation yet I still ignored him. He expected me to talk to him after I had waited and been humiliated by him? Huh, No way!

“Go Away!” My voice was harsh as I ripped my elbow out of his grip and collected my books, I knew my face was red with anger and I didn’t even want to look at Nick, it would only fuel my anger towards him more.

“Why are you being like this!? Just-” He didn’t get to finish. The sound of my slap echoed off the hallway walls, followed by people taking in sharp intakes of breath and gasp in shock as they watched on from the sidelines.

“Don’t you dare! Why am I being like this? Oh just piss off Nick!” I had quite frankly, had enough. I wasn’t going to waste my time any longer on someone who wanted nothing more than a joke to play, he wasn’t worth my time.

Nick stood frozen, his hand covering the side of his face that my hand had collided with. He didn’t look mad, just shocked. His dark hair was messy on his head and his other hand was resting slightly on his bag strap, jaw clenched and eyes filled with determination.

I sighed a heavy sigh, “just don’t okay?” I spoke tiredly, Nicks face softening as he watched me turn and walk away from his stiff figure, what now?

“Can I get everyone’s attention.. HEY! EVERYONE!” My head snapped to the sound of the shout, instantly finding the source I groaned and covered my face with my hands. Here we go.

“So recently, I asked a beautiful girl on a date” cheers erupted from the cafeteria as Nick stood high on one of the tables. “She said yes, go me!” He laughed heartily as his eyes searched the room ,skimming over everyone before he reached me.

“I was excited as hell, I mean who wouldn’t be? I booked a reservation and planned how I was gonna look handsome as fu..dge” more cheers. “.. Only, I never turned up” his head Hung lowly as the cheers and chatter turned to boos and “what the hell Nick!” He started to smile slightly at the response carrying on nonetheless.

“I know, I know. I’m an ass” I nodded along with the groups of people, he really was.

“But I want to make it right. Y/N I really am sorry, and I wanted you to know that I really do like you, I have done for a while” scratching the back of his neck nervously he looked my way for a reaction. My heart was hammering harshly against my rib cage as my face turned a bright Crimson colour, oh my god.

“I want to make it up to you.. If you’d let me” everybody’s eyes were now on me, the bar now set higher than ever.

Nick clambered down from the table, his feet speedily dragging over to my own table, standing right infront of my sitting figure.

“How do I know you’re not lying? I’m not going to be let down again-”

Nick cut me off, his smirk appearing as he covered my mouth with his hand.

“If I was lying, would I do this?” I panicked, do what!?

In seconds his lips were stuck to mine, the soft skin of his own meshing with mine to make a sweet kiss. He gripped my cheeks in his hands and mine went to his hair, the kiss deepening.

Was this really happening?? Oh my god!

He pulled away slowly, teasing as he held my bottom lip in his teeth softly before letting go fully and looking me in the eye.
We just- oh god I hated PDA! who am I turning into??

“So, what do you say? Will you Y/N Y/L/N do me the honour of going on a- well another- date with me?” His eyes held a lot of hope as he stared up at me, his hands still pressing on my face.

I smiled brightly before removing his hands.

“Nope!” I smiled again, the cafeteria bursting into whispers as they all - still - looked on at the current scene.

“Okay so I’ll pick you up- whAT!?” His face was bright red, confusion clouding his features as he stood up abruptly. He was super tall, his body looming over my own small frame; seeing him wound up was actually hot as hell.

“I’m just kidding you idiot. I’ll go on a date with you. but this is the last chance because I really like you Nick and I’m not going to be mess-” his lips were on mine again in another kiss, his hands gripping my hips as he hugged me closer for the second time in the past 10 minutes.

Maybe there is room for second chances.

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THIS IS LAME AF I APOLOGISE !!! ITS 1:30AM AND IVE HAD A SHIT DAY, I always promise to update and write a lot but so much stuff happens and gets in the way:(( I’m a sucky writer and account holder so I really do apologise. Anyway, this was short as heck but enjoy, sorry for mistakes an crappiness:)))

school reunion - nick robinson

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Words: 1360

Requested: nope

Rating: all readers

you weren’t sure what to expect as you walked into place you’d be met with all the faces you had once known 10 years ago. Now being 28 you had maybe one or two close friends from high school, the rest you never talked to again or were just Facebook friends.

One of the faces you are about to see include your high school sweetheart, your first love. Yes all that cliche stuff that happened in high school, that you constantly tried to forget about. Let’s just say the last week of school a fight broke you up and you ended up sitting all by yourself at prom, while he danced with one of the cheerleaders that he knew you didn’t like.

28 years old and you were still single and had only had a few boyfriends the past 10 years and the longest of that was 6 months. For the most part of you being an independent woman, you just spent the past 10 years working as a

As you walked down the hallways the memories that you tried to push away all these years came rushing back to, the quick make outs along the walls when teacher wouldn’t be watching, the girls looking at you with envy because they wanted to date Nick. Now they wouldn’t have to envy you, he was probably happy with some other girl.

You inhaled a breath of air as you opened the door to the room, already being ten minutes late. “Y/F/N we thought you weren’t coming” You heard the voice of one of your old classmates that you barely remembered the name of as you just nodded before finding your way to your only good friends now Alissa and Rose.

“How come I have to go through a full day of work and then I’m forced to come visit people who I knew ten years ago” You sighed as you sat down beside the girls resting your head on Alissa’s shoulder. They gave you a fake offended look as you reassured them that they were the only ones you wanted to see.

“So y/n still going out with Josh” Rose asked referring to an idiot of a guy that you ended up dumping two months ago because let’s just say he was a self-absorbed guy who ended up cheating on you with your co-worker who you once classified as a friend.

“Dumped his sorry ass when he cheated on me with Sarah” You muttered as you looked around to find where the wine was served that Alissa held in her hand, as you spotted the table of drinks you noticed no other than your old boyfriend standing right beside it chatting to one of his old mates that he was on the soccer team with.

After a few minutes of contemplating if the wine was worth it, you stood up and walked towards the table, knowing you wouldn’t be able to get through this night without a couple glasses of wine.

A few faces glanced at you with curiousness, as you were well aware that it probably looked like you were walking towards Nick. As you finally reached the table Nick looked at you before doing a double take, yet all you did was ignore him and grabbed the wine, grabbing the biggest glass you could find and pouring enough that would get you through the first hour.

As Nick’s friend left he turned towards you leaning his arm against the table, his signature smirk adoring his face, as he started speaking. “Why if it isn’t miss y/l/n, how have you been beautiful?” He asked, the look on his face making it seem genuine.

Already having enough of his presence you scoffed and turned to walk away the glass of wine held firmly in your hand, as your attitude made it seem as if you were in your teen years again.

You saw eyes following your movements as you walked away from Nick and back to your friends, him making no more efforts to talk to you.

Throughout the night people kept asking what had happened with Nick and why he went to the prom with Bethany way back 10 years ago.


As you were sat alone at one of the nicely decorated tables, you were questioning why your prom had to end like this. You knew it was too good to be true to have a nice boyfriend that you dated for the most of high school with no mishaps , now the day before graduation you were sad and just wanted to be finished with school.

Your friends all had dates that they were dancing with, hell even Nick had somehow found himself a date in the short time that our breakup was.

Which was only three days, it had taken him three days to get over me. I guess you could say that was probably what hurt the most right now. You looked away from Nick as a slow song came on and they began to slowly dance.

Over the course of the night teachers came up to you asking if you were alright and questioning why you were sat alone at prom by yourself, resulting in feeling self pity and sadness as you attempted to hold back all the tears. But you had already told yourself no crying, not tonight and in front of all these people.

As You saw Nick kiss Bethany you rushed to the bathroom, already feeling the tears spilling from your eyes, as you sobbed in the bathroom stall you questioned why you had even decided to come tonight.

Deciding you had enough you walked out of the bathroom and straight to the exit of the room you were in, your dressed crinkled and your face probably smudged with mascara.

*Flashback ended*

Graduation wasn’t as special as it should’ve been as you didn’t feel one bit excited and got off the stage as soon as you could, leaving at the first possible chance you had gotten.

As you were stood talking to one of your old teacher you were grabbed by the hand and heard Nick’s voice as he apologised to the teacher telling her how he had to speak to you.

“I’m sorry” He sighed after you had both left the classroom and were standing out in the hallways, it was weird how it was so quiet. Back in high school you were used to the constant chatter of students.

“For what” You asked quietly as you looked towards him and saw how much he had changed, his features had matured and he looked just as hot as he did when he was eighteen. But now was not the time to be checking out your ex boyfriend.

“For being such a fucking ass, at prom” He said as he explained that he saw how you looked that night and never did anything to make you feel better.

“I mean you did just go off with some other girl three days after we broke up” You stated attempting to add some humour, but you both knew you weren’t being humorous on bit. That was probably the thing that hurt the most with the whole break up.

“Y/N I’m such a fucking idiot and I know this probably is a weird time to ask, as we haven’t seen each other in 10 years, but since we broke up I haven’t had a proper relationship and seeing you tonight made me realise how I’m still in love with your beautiful self, so what I’m saying is can I take you out on a date” He blurted out all that he said as you giggled at him.

Deciding to be a little spontaneous you grabbed his hand and pushed him against the lockers playfully as you kissed his lips for the first time in 10 year and as you felt the sparks you knew that this could work out again.

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Cousin’s bfffffffff (Nick Robinson imagine)

Prompt: You meet your best friend’s cousin, Nick and you two fall in love.
Requested?: Nope, my idea.
Warning: There is mentioned sex, but not with details + my baaaaad english! 
A/N: I totally fell in love with Nick! I knew him for some years now and I saw a lots of movies with him, but the crush started a few days ago, so I think it’s time for some imagines with him! Enjoy. ♥
Also, requests are still open, so if you have some ideas, don’t worry to message me. 

We shall just start with the part how you two actually met. It was a boring day, like any other days and routines in your life. Well, you were with your friend, Jesicca, just hanging with each other and telling stories from your lives to the one another. 
“Well, I just met my cousin. He’s super annoying, super ass and super, super, super dork.” She said and looked at you. 

“What’s his name?” You looked at your blonde best friend and she just shruggled her shoulders. “Nick.” She replied and you nodded. “Okay.” 

When you two came to her house, Nick and his parents were still there and let’s just say that the first impression between you and him wasn’t the best one. 

Well, she were just in shock and you started to laugh hardly. “This is your cousin? Pretty nice one. Hey, sweetie, didn’t you forgot something?” You smirked and gave him a wave. 

“Jesicca!” He looked at your best friend. “You didn’t tell me you’ll bring a girl. Plus, not a bad looking girl, honestly.” 
“Ugh, save it, Nick, she’s out of your league.” 

× × ×

Things went pretty easy. Seeing Nick everyday was kinda annoying, as your friend said. But one part of you liked him and loved to laugh with him. 
One time, you came to Jesicca’s house, but she wasn’t there. Only Nick and his cereals.. well, as always. 

You sat there, in silence, both of you looking at your iPhones, kinda ignoring each other. Then, you chuckled at one of those jokes on facebook pages and he looked at you. “What’s funny?” 
“Nah, nothing.” 
“I wanna know.” He frowned. 
“K, it’s this.” You shoved him your phone but instead of hillarious joke, there was your favorite actor, shirtless. And yeah, Nick frowned again. 
“Oh, that’s not, what I-” You were immediately stopped by his lips on yours. 

“What the hell,  Robinson?!” 

“Whoops.” He bit his lips and smiled at you. 
“Sorry not sorry?” He tried and you sighed. 
“Is this a game for you?” 
“And for you? Showing a shittless guy to boy which has a crush on you?” 
“Awe, that was kinda cliche, but still aww.” You smiled and kissed him again.

× × ×

You and Nick were together for three years. Still, there were some wars, fights, hurting, but still, you were together and you kinda loved each other. In the way that when he had to film a movie, he send you videos or photos everyday, everytime. 

And the way you stole each others food, when you were camping…

And the way he shared your both’s first time with his friends.. (Well, you were pretty mad at him that he told about your first experiences to his friends, but you told to Jesicca, so…)

And also, this was your first time, so yeah… no orgasm, a lot of pain. So he went for advice to only one person which knew you too good. Jesicca.

Or how much he loved your cooking. He always said you’re the best one in cooking. Even better than his mother.

Oh, speaking about parents. He was pretty nervous when he was supposted to met yours. But things went pretty well.

And should I even talk about the fluffy way he acted when you were mad at him?


Rainy Days - Nick Robinson

okay so I feel as though this is terrible and I am not as happy with it as I was the first time lol, I had to re-write it two times because it kept deleting but I liked the idea so hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it, feedback is very welcome! Don’t forget to send your own requests:))

I loved rainy days. It was days like these that i lived for, the winter nights and rainy days were my favourites.

The rain pattered softly against the thick glass of my apartment windows, the droplets racing rapidly as they slid down the surface.

The apartment was silent, aside from the rain drops and cackling fire, I was alone with my own wild thoughts.

And then there was me. My hair was shoved messily into a knotty bun on my head, my body clad in cotton shorts and a large oversized hoodie, some minimalistic design scrawled on the front ; a colourful pair of wildly fluffy bed socks to finish off the whole look.

I looked like a total bum but honestly, as I sat on the cushion sofa ; hands grasping the steaming mug of coffee and eyes soaking up the words of the battered book that rested in my lap, I couldn’t be more content.

My body jolted in shock as a knock harshly wrapped onto my wooden door, the sound continuing a few more times before I finally pushed aside my book and set down my coffee, traipsing over to the entrance.

Gripping the cold metal handle in my hand I tugged it open, not preparing myself for the cold. I shivered, the open door seeming like an invite to the cold, the icy air nipping at my bare legs and face as it passed into my apartment.

The cold was soon forgotten when I glanced at the sopping figure before me. My boyfriend, Nick stood grinning as the rain pounded harder onto his already soaking frame. Laughter erupted from my mouth as I looked at his features. His dark hair was matted to his forehead as the droplets leaked and slipped down his nose and onto the floor. I pushed the door open wider, inviting him in and out of the cold, his steps leaving small puddles in their wake.

“What, no welcome hug?” His arms were spread wide as he ventured towards me, my voice coming out in a squeak as he took a few more steps.

“Stop!” I giggled profusely as I stumbled away from his soaking body, his laugh echoing as he shook his head - droplets landing all over my smiling face.

He chuckled once more before he peeled off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, slipping past me and hastily rushing up the stairs ; almost slipping back down them twice. His laugh and presence, despite the weather has already seemed to warm up the room and I smiled to myself before switching on the TV and flopping back onto the sofa.

Moments later Nick returned, his lanky body now covered in a pair of slim grey sweatpants and a black hoodie. He looked warm, as fuck.

He raced back down the stairs, trying not to trip over the large duvet that he was dragging down with him. He threw his body - ungraciously- next to my own, his arm reaching out and tugging me into his chest, my small body now tucked into his own.

He wrapped the duvet around our shoulders, enveloping us both in the warmth as he looked down at me. His grin was wide and infectious, the small crinkles that I loved appeared around his eyes as he kissed me softly on the head and hugged me closer. The TV played quietly in the background as I snuggled into Nick, loving the feeling of warmth and safety I had in this moment.

This moment, was unfortunately ruined the moment my stomach let out a loud roar, the sound causing my cheeks to burn and turn a deep red shade causing me to bury myself further into Nicks Side.

“y/n,babe” Nick was laughing loudly, despite my protests and light whacks he continued to laugh until he pulled out his phone and dialled a number.

“Yeah hi, I would like to make an order please” he winked down at me, my cheeks still flushed as i rolled my eyes but smiled widely nonetheless.

Here right now, with my stupidly annoying yet beautiful boyfriend ; who was ordering me pizza, I couldn’t help but thing that there was no place I would rather be.

excuse any mistakes lol

IMAGINE - “It’s Cold Outside”

• Requested •

The last thing you wanted to do tonight was babysit, but hey you were paid for it and it wasn’t a too difficult of job. There you stood out the front of the Robinson house, goosebumps rising upon your skin as you go to knock on the door, it was already dark and you felt anxious being outside by yourself, hopefully they would hurry up. You heard footsteps and the door unlock, gulping you stand up straight and fix your bag, hoping it will make you look a bit more presentable.
The door opens to a guy, probably twenty or a little bit older, and he was attractive, very attractive. “Hey you must be Y/N! Come in it must be cold out there.” He smiles and you swear your heart nearly skips a beat.
“Yeah I should have brought a bigger jacket..” You smile, he chuckles in reply as you walk inside, this house was amazing.
“I’m Nick by the way,” he scratches the back of his head, the muscles in his arms flexed through his shirt as your eyes trail back to his literally perfect face, his brown hair swooped to the side, it was messy but cute, his warm brown eyes stared at yours and last but not least his lips, he definitely looked like a good kisser.
“It’s nice to meet you! I’m looking after your sister tonight, right?”
He nods his head, “yeah, she’s in the kitchen.” His hand sits on the small of your back as you both walk through the house to the kitchen, where a young girl, with long brown locks and pyjamas, sat at the bench her coloured pencils and colouring pages spread out. “Lily, this is Y/N, she’s gonna look after you while I go out.” she turns around a big smile on her face, she was adorable.
She waves and hops of the bench to hug Nick’s leg. “How long are you going to be?”
He crouches down to his little sister, and it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen, at this point your heart was going to pop out of your chest. “I’ll be back before you know it, Y/N is gonna take good care of you.” She nods as nick gently kisses her forehead, at this point your heart was going burst. She goes back to the bench and nick leads you to the front door, he grabs his jacket, phone and wallet, “if you need anything, just call me and I’ll come straight home if you need me, and I’ll be back at 12.”

“Sounds good” you reply, he swiftly winks as you watch him walk out to his car, you close the door, locking it behind you and take a few breaths, maybe babysitting was so bad after all.

The rest of the night was spent colouring in with Lily and watching the Lion King, and it wasn’t long until she had fallen asleep on couch, soft snores leaving her mouth, you smile turning the TV off, trying to keep it as quiet as possible.
It was then that you heard the door unlock and open.

You walk quietly to the front door, it was Nick, he took his jacket off and smiles as soon as he see’s you, “hey there,” he whispers, “I’m guessing Lily is asleep?”

You bite your lip, nodding your head as you lead him too the lounge room, “she fell asleep half way through the Lion King.” You chuckle softly, he lifts her up from the couch and takes her to her room upstairs, you follow and watch him tucking her in and again kissing her forehead. He closes the door behind him and it is soon that you are both at the door, you getting ready to head back home.

“Thank you again, for looking after her tonight, I really appreciate it.” He says quietly, you were both close, Nick being right behind you as you open the door.

“Honestly it’s no big deal, she was sweet.” You smile, turning around he is right in front of you, his face being now only inches from his, his large hands grab your waist as your bodies are now pushed against each other, your back hitting the open door and closing it swiftly.
His cool breath lightly hit your face, “she usually scares babysitters off, I’m glad she didn’t with you..” He mumbles before pressing his plump lips to yours, just like you thought, he was good kisser, scratch that, an AMAZING kisser.
You drop your bag on the floor as you move your hands up to his chest and around his neck your hands now tangled in his hair. He moved to your jaw and down your neck as you gasp in pleasure of the feeling, he knew exactly what he was doing and you loved every second of it.
“Nick-” you mumble as he sucks your sweet spot, you can feel him smirk against your skin as you tug gently at his hair. You never wanted this to end.
His lips leave your neck and back to your lips, your heart was pounding and you were full of adrenaline. One hand moves to his cheek as you pull away slowly.
“You know it’s cold outside, and it’s dark…” Nick says biting his lip.
“And what are you implying?” You chuckle.
“Maybe you could stay the night?” He winks.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night next to Nick:
You stir and open your eyes. The heat of someone next to you makes you turn on your other side in bed. You smile as you look into his sleeping face. He’s the best thing to ever happen to you. You move closer to him and put your leg over his.
He breathes deeply. “Are you okay?” His voice is raspy with sleep and he’s even more attractive.
“Yeah.” You sigh.
His eyes flutter open and focus on yours. You could get lost in his dark eyes forever.
He runs a hand through your hair. “You sure?” He smiles sleepily.
“Yeah.” You place your hand on his cheek and run your finger over the shape of his lips. “I’m just so happy to be with you.”
He smiles against your finger. Then he takes your hand and kisses it gently. “I am, too. You’re the best thing to happen to me, y/n.”
You smile. And he leans over and his lips are on yours. You explore each other’s mouths passionately and waves of electricity run through your whole body. You feel like you’re flying.
He pulls back, breathing hard. Then he lays back and puts an arm under you as you put your head on his chest and listen to the calming sound of his heartbeat. His breath tickles your hair. And he wraps his arm protectively around you and hold your hand. He absently rubs his thumb in circles on the back of your hand and you sigh, feeling sleep start to take you away again.
You smile against his chest. “And you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. Nicholas John Robinson.” And then you fall into a sweet, blissful sleep next to the man you love.

You walk into the living room and see Nick laying on the couch groaning in pain. You lean next to him and ask, “Are you okay? What’s wrong? Are you sick?”
He looks into your eyes and gives you a pained smile. “I don’t really feel sick. It just hurts.”
You place your hand on his forehead and he lightly touched your hand while still clutching his stomach and he quietly says, “I love you.”