Stranger Things Gifset per Episode: 1x04 The Body

↳ “No, it is! It’s just, sometimes… people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But when you capture the right moment, it says more.”

Confession:  I hope that we can play Ryder again in the fifth game. Playing Shepard over the course of three games was what made many of us attach to them, and although I’m certain to attach to Ryder, it just won’t be the same in only one game. I know I shouldn’t be making predictions or hope this early, but I just think that it’s the only way. Also less confusing, if you look from a DA standpoint.

boldness alone || ryson || f2f
  • MASON: Go say your goodbyes, jackass. [Mason shoved Coleman out of the glade, voice hard.] And remember, if you say more than goodbye, anything about this, you'll regret it more than you can imagine. [Mason watched Coleman take the last few steps back to his party alone, waited until he was around the corner, then let out a heavy breath. He looked back at Ryder, offered a wry smile.] Well. That's handled. [He took another steadying breath, then glanced behind him.] I need to get rid of the sigils. [He was so tired.] Are...[Mason hesitated. He doubted Ryder was okay.] I can walk you back to your room first if you want?