Stiles Stilinski/ Teen Wolf


Since we were four

You heard me. Take. It. Off

Stupid Internet

Allisons home

blurted feelings

Scott Mccall/Teen Wolf

Black heart


Dylan O'brien

Hey I’m with you ok? always -



Stuart Twombly/ The Internship

Confidence Boost

Barry Allen/The Flash

My Hero

You asshole!

Mountains won’t keep us apart

It could be us one day

Your real

you don’t have to change for me


Sebastian Smythe/Glee

You tricked me

Ryder Lynn

let me love you

Spencer Reid

Can’t seem to forget you

Is this my fault? Part 2 

Carl Grimes/ walking dead

Did you have fun? 

Books and cuddles

pay for it

the art of perfection

true love in times like this

The first time

snow in alexandria

dance with me

come back to bed


We’ll survive - prequel to I’ll keep you safe

I’ll keep you safe / Part 2/ part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6


You’re Negans daughter? / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

Joe Sugg/youtuber

Accidents happen


Jack Maynard/ youtuber



Derek Hale

Stiles Stilinski

Theo Raeken- Plain and Simple


Fandom: Glee

Pairing: Ryder x Reader

Warning: Slight NSFW

Writer: looneylovegoodx

Requested By: 5-seconds-of-gladers

Request: Okay so I was wondering (Once oneshots are open) if you could write a Ryder/OC fic (for glee obvi lol) where y/n is dating Ryder but kitty keeps trying to break you guys up because kitty hates you and wants to ruin your life. Ryder reaslises this and decides to leave his mark on you smut pls if you do smut, if not just have him make out with you in the hallway in front of kitty or something lol

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Ryder Lynn + Will Schuester - Glee (Imagine 298)

“Hello, I would like to introduce you guys to my daughter, y/n, She’s going to be joining the glee club.” Will said.

“Hi.” You smiled awkwardly. Deciding it would be the best idea to sit down and not be any more awkward, you made your way to the seats. You sat next to a boy with brown hair.

“Hi, Ryder.” He grinned reaching out a hand to greet you.

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I Know (Ryder Lynn)

Requested By: Anon

Request: The Reader and Ryder or Sam are dating and are just goofballs when together.


The bell had only just rang and I was still at my locker shoving my books into my bag. I jumped when I felt arms around me. I recognized the scent that was distinctly Ryder Lynn. I smiled and leaned my head back onto my boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Ryder, you scared me.” I groan softly, turning to face him. He pressed a kiss to my forehead. I shut my locker with a loud slam. He laughed.

“Sorry. I just wanted to know if we were still on for tonight.” He answered. I frown.

“Ryder, I dunno. I have so much homework tonight and I can’t afford to turn it in late.” I sighed and pushed my bag’s strap further onto my shoulder. He looked almost like a kicked puppy.

“But (Y/N), we’ve been planning this date for weeks.” He insisted. He was right. It had been ages since we had a date night and I missed spending time with my boyfriend.

“Alright, fine. We can go out.” He tugged me into his chest, lifting me off the ground. At this point the school’s courtyard was empty aside from the Cheerios who were getting ready for practice. I shrieked as he dropped my bag aside and spun me around.

“Put me down!” I insisted, despite that being the last thing I wanted. He reluctantly placed me back on my feet before snatching my bag and running away with all of my stuff. “Ryder Lynn! Get back here!” I did my best to stifle my giggling as I chased after my boyfriend.

“Catch me, (Y/N).” He teased, knowing full well I couldn’t catch him. I stopped, shouting after him. Ryder came to a stop and I ran over. He held the bag just out of my reach. I struggled before crossing my arms and pouting.

“Come on, give it back.” I asked softly. He paused to think, his hand dropping just enough for me to snatch my things back. He looked shocked but wrapped his arms around my waist and pressing a kiss to my head.

“I love you.” he mumbled. It was unexpected but I just smirked.

“I know.”