Prefrence - Kisses

Riker : Riker would absolutely LOVE neck kisses. You both would get butterflies in your stomach when he did that. But, it was so romantic.

Rydel : I think she would prefer cheek kisses because they were cute and you would always have her little kiss mark on your cheek.

Ellington : He would like quick lip peck kisses. You didn’t know why, but it was his favorite.

Rocky : He would like forehead kisses most because, since he was taller than you it was easy and especially when you are cuddling. Just a cute little quick forehead kiss.

Ross : Ross is more of the romantic type, so he would like the slow gentle lip kisses. You would both just get lost in the kiss, your lips would immediately sync together.

Ryland : Ryland would love to grab you by your waist and kiss you. It’s was more romantic to him.