Because I lost my job recently and can’t afford to do a giveaway I thought I’d do a Follow Forever to celebrate hitting 2K! I still can’t even believe people even want to follow this mismatched, multifandom blog in the first place let alone two thousand of you. These are the blogs people that are amazing and worth checking out by everyone, so go do that. Now.

Also thank you lieutenantsmith for making the gif in my time of need. (I’ll never get the hang of gif making, I’m a sham)


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I recently hit 3 thousand followers (unbelievable) and I really want to thank everyone who follows this blog. Thanks for putting up with the sometimes confusing amount of fandoms I post about and the way I’m slowly being sent insane by the Funhaus guys, thanks for putting up with the shippy stuff I post and for the countless times I’ve vented to no one in particular.

You’re all super fab and I have a lot of love for you all! These are a few blogs that make me extra happy, my absolute faves are bolded, you should go follow them all if you aren’t already! (not in alphabetical order because i’m lazy)

grillems blueeyedmasterpiece dude-haus glackedandmullered lieutenantsmith boyswanna-be-her everythingcanadian sexbangs kovicadam ryanhaywoodofficial teammuchrespect teamniceblueeyes teaseitttttt m3gg13 tomhappy duoachievement burnieburnsies purple-lutari madiniwa funheist hullum dakotormon z0mbiesoup barbvin lazerteams notwit caleb-denecour ryclops micoolvav officialachievementhunter j-shuadun drunkroosters gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavin vavvie keltbh crrud alloverthegaf kenezbian vollando michaelsgavin mogarsjones elbowspaces mogar-smash rooster-tumble rooster-teeth-and-many-more towerofgavino chrisdemarais aaronmarquis lazerteam whalehuntingboyfriends agentmogar chefgeofframsay​ jameswilliems aaronmarquis missfabulisa gamers-ftw seanspoole achievementhuntresss

mavinsay  asked:

"The Adventures of XRay and Vav would be published in comic book stores all over the country, and there was even talk about making a movie deal. Naturally, she was" uh i think you may have forgotten the rest of that sentence.

Thanks, I fixed that.  :)

I hit 1,400 followers a couple of days ago so here’s a follow forever to celebrate! Thanks for sticking around! xx

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Even if you’re not here remember that I love you!! Xx

so my last follow forever was when i got 600 followers, so i decided to do it 800 followers later + when it’s the end of the year because i also made my first follow forever at the start of the year so ye.


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