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http://gavin-expensive.tumblr.com/ (fanfiction extraordinaire)

http://ryclops.tumblr.com/ (RT awesomesauce)

http://mxchaeljones.tumblr.com/ (RT loveliness and various other splendid things)

http://achievementt-teeth.tumblr.com/ (RT perfection and other wonderful things)

http://mlchaeijones.tumblr.com/ (RT fabulosity and many other fantastic things) (i also get you confused with mxchaeljones up there… so sorry when i do that)(also sorry to Mxchaeljones when i mix you up with this lovely person)

http://tdgraduate.tumblr.com/ (TD badassery and overall wonderful person)

http://ryan-lovely-haywood.tumblr.com/ (RT fantastic and fanficiton goddess)

http://thehogwartsstudent.tumblr.com/ (Multifandom ruler of the earth.. also holy shizznit you’ve been on my dash forever i love seeing you here!)

http://geekery15.tumblr.com/ (Harrison Ford/Cary Grant/Attractive Older Males ambassador to all of mankind.. also a pretty spectacular person who is just fantastic)

ryclops asked:

"The Adventures of XRay and Vav would be published in comic book stores all over the country, and there was even talk about making a movie deal. Naturally, she was" uh i think you may have forgotten the rest of that sentence.

Thanks, I fixed that.  :)

ryclops asked:

(re: the last supper post) i think thats when they were talking about batwinging gavin

thank you! i went back to re-watch it since i remembered everyone’s reaction but it was bugging me that i didn’t remember what moment they were reacting to.

ryclops replied to your post “yO my friend gifted me an RT sponsership tomorrow i’m gonna watch the…”

i recommend michael’s four hour long banjo full play, super fight, the newly wed game and if you like the grumps RTX CAH (and obviously quick draw & game night. the last of us one was good and so was the one with geoff [its linked somewhere in mygifs

thanks man yeah i’m def gonna watch the quick draws and CAH anD I FORGOT ABOUT THE NEWLY WED GAME