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u haven't posted in a while, hope ur ok pal.

i am actually doing really well, thank you! i am very busy writing a book and also writing for different music publications so i have less time for ryck but it remains very dear to my heart. between more life & the first songs from planetarium it looks like the otp is having another landmark year.

it has come to my attention that a few people have written RYCK fanfiction for the annual AO3 yuletide fic exchange, and they are all fucking hilarious and beautifully written and well worth your time and readership!

please check them out and leave kudos and comments for the authors!!

Get Real Get Right (Fuckin Right)

Sufjan Stevens: how much do you know about the rapper drake

Annie Clark: He seems nice

Sufjan Stevens: ok

Annie Clark: Why?

Sufjan Stevens: no reason

Sufjan Stevens: I just found this weird blog

Annie Clark: About Drake?

Sufjan Stevens: kind of

The Perfect Crime

sufjan: Hello I Would Like To Make A Deposit

drake: hi sir, of course! do you have a deposit slip?

sufjan: Yes Please Read It Carefully

drake: this is a stick-up?? please put all the money in a bag??

sufjan: I Also Meant To Say Silently

five times drake’s hotline didn’t bling (and one time it did) - by gayliens

aubrey drake graham was sad. this was nothing new, but on this particular night it felt extra tragic and poetic.


(this post is for @speckletail, as part of the ryck drive to help pwr bttm! they requested “drake and sufjan host a birthday party for their child.”)

sufjan: Okay One Two Three… Happy Birth Day To You!

drake: happy birthday to you!

sufjan: Happy Birth Day The Untitled Stevens Graham Project!

drake: happy birthday to you!

sufjan: How Does It Feel To Be A Whole Year Older


drake: wise words as always, tusgp.

sufjan: What Would You Like To Do For Your Birth Day Celebration Dear

drake: hey, how about we invite over blue ivy? you two can have a tea party!


drake: what? i didn’t know that you and blue had a fight :( what happened?


sufjan: That Is So True Sweet Heart I Am Just Glad You Have A Healthy Mind Set About All This

drake: okay, so we can just have a family day. that’s fine. 


drake: …sufjan, parental team huddle.

sufjan: Okay

drake: i thought i told you to throw out her copy of Jenny Holzer 4 Kidz!

sufjan: I Did As You Asked Perhaps That Is Why Her Feathers Are So Ruffled

drake: well, how is she still reading all these jenny holzer truisms?

sufjan: I Do Not Know Maybe She Is Accessing Them On My I Pad I Do Not Know How To Use That Thing But She Is A Computer Whiz


drake: okay. sweetheart. we’re sorry we threw out your jenny holzer pop-up book. we’ll make it up to you. we’ll do anything you want for your birthday.


sufjan: Shall We Go To The Aquarium And Cavort About While Pretending To Be Sea Creatures


drake: all right! that’s a yes!

sufjan: TUSGP Will Be A Blue Tang As Per Usual And I Will Be A Sea Lion And Aubrey Will Be An Orca Whale

drake: sounds like a plan


sufjan: We Are Such Good Parents

drake: we really are


(this post is for @spikenards, as part of the ryck drive to help pwr bttm! they requested “something high school era.”)

taylor: well well well if it isnt sufjan stevens i guess degrassi lets just about anyone be head cheerleader these days

sufjan: Miss Swift In The Interest Of Sportspersonlike Conduct I Am Going To Ignore That Snide Little Comment

taylor: oh i dont care about sportsmanlike conduct i care about verbally eviscerating the opposing team into a deep depression before the coach has even blown the whistle to commence the sportsball

sufjan: Speak For Your Self I Personally Joined The Cheer Leading Life To Serve Society As A Beacon Of Positive Energy And Kind Vibes 

taylor: thats ridiculous

sufjan: And Also Because Aubrey Looks So Cute In His Sportsball Uniform :)

taylor: thats also ridiculous

sufjan: And Also! Because They Give Out Prizes For Year Book Superlatives And If You Win Cutest Couple You Get A Free Dinner For Two At Pizza Pizza Which Is Something I Really Want So I Am Capitalizing On The Fact That Head Cheer Leader And Quarter Back Of The Sportsball Squad Is A Classic Combo

taylor: and thats the most ridiculous thing youve said yet

sufjan: If You Had Ever Tried The Bacon Double Cheese Burger Pizza At Pizza Pizza Perhaps You Would Understand

taylor: i wouldnt know because im an immortal blood witch and i consume all nutrients by osmosis through healing crystals that work to decalcify my pineal gland and render me invincible

sufjan: What A Life You Must Lead

taylor: whatever see you on the sportsball court loser

sufjan: Best Of Luck To You Too Miss Swift

clearing out my e-mail drafts & found an abandoned RYCK script from april where drake and sufjan are trying to teach their baby how to talk but the baby only speaks in full jenny holzer truisms


(this post is for @liminalspacing​, as part of the ryck drive to help pwr bttm! this is not what they requested, because their request truly stretched the limits of my creativity, but i hope they like this.)

sufjan: So

drake: so

sufjan: I Felt That Parent Teacher Conference Went Quite Well

drake: oh, yeah. totally. sounds like tusgp is doing a great job in all her subjects.

sufjan: Prodigious Beyond Her Years In Fact

drake: yeah and she’s getting along with the other kids which is nice

sufjan: Absolutely

drake: totally… uh… hey… what do you think of that teacher?

sufjan: He Seems Like A Nice Enough Fellow

drake: …yeah

sufjan: I Will Admit How Ever That Something About His Countenance Does Give Me A Case Of The Hibbly Jibblies

drake: RIGHT? right? oh, thank god, it’s not just me.

sufjan: I Was Not Going To Say Anything I Did Not Wish To Be Rude But I Am Profoundly Unsettled

drake: yeah! and i can’t put a finger on WHY like… he SEEMS all right, but…

sufjan: It Is As Though The Government Created A Handsome Lad Generator To Generate Handsome Lads And He Was The First Handsome Lad Generated And The Scientists Operating The Handsome Lab Laboratory Realized They Had Calibrated The Generator Incorrectly And Created A Man With Eyes Too Blue And Hair Too Tousled To Ever Truly Integrate Into Human Society But As They Were Consulting The Ethics Board To Determine What To Do With This Specimen He Escaped From The Laboratory Into The Unforgiving Canadian Wilderness Pacing Through The Trees In A Flimsy Backless Medical Gown Rather Like The Little Bald Girl From That Frightening Show On The Netflix And While He Eventually Assimilated Into Our World He Lives Each Day With Traumatic Memories Of Foraging For His Life In The Rural Wood Combined With The Psychological Weight Of Existing As A Testament To Man’s Hubris

drake: i hear that

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hi it's tumblr user morpheuhs and not to be dramatic or weird but !!!!! this ridiculous ass blog put so much light in my life for these past few hellish months and as a paltry thank you on this happy festive day i wanted to give back to the ryck community 💕 i wrote a holiday fic at archiveofourown(.)org/works/9046673 and this ask has no logical coherence but!!! happy holiday tidings from a stranger whose life you have touched (not to be dramatic or anything)

okay, first of all, your fic is fucking hysterical - here’s a tempting excerpt for all interested readers:

‘Thank You What Is Your Name By The Way.’

'dr-’ he started, before stopping in his tracks. something about this man made him want to be honest, compelled him to expose his true self behind the constraints of his record label.

'i’m aubrey,’ he said finally. 'aubrey drake graham. and you are?’

'Sufjan Billy Beaver Bucky Bird Stevens And It Is Very Nice To Meet You.’

they stood there for a moment in silence, separated only by the threshold between them. all of a sudden, he knew exactly what he had to do.

'sufjan,’ he said, before he could chicken out. 'i know we’ve only just met, and this is a bit forward of me, but…’


'do you want to sit contemplatively on the cn tower edgewalk with me?’

so, thank you very much for this hilarious and heartwarming gesture of fiction, and thank you also for this sweet note - writing these silly stories and has brought me a lot of joy this year and it’s incredibly gratifying to know that they’ve lifted your mood and helped you out, too. 

merry christmas, happy hanukkah, and happy holidays!!