This is for You.

The problem is your heart, it is too big for you alone.
I’ve always known I have a big heart, and it’s okay to wish for someone to share that with.

Do not despair because somewhere there is a heart that is beating that is meant just for you… somewhere, somebody closer than you might think, maybe in this city of in a field a thousand miles away.
Do you ever wonder if they’re on the train that just passed yours by, the plane that’s in the sky, or on the other side of the world? and doesn’t it make you want to be everywhere at once? To meet every single person in this world?

I promise one day I will take you to the quietest places. I promise one day I will take you to the loudest places. I promise one day I will take you to the highest places.
I want to see the world in every light, take in all the sounds and appreciate them for what they are. Enjoy the thrill of the loudest sounds that make your heart race and the quietest that put it at peace. I’ll keep finding those views that take my breath away and maybe one day they’ll take your breath away too.

But what if I had everything that I could ever want? What would be left to draw, what left to say? I don’t know if I could bear that.
As a creative person, do you ever worry that you’re searching for the problems that inspire you to create? I do, but I also feel that the creativity that comes from them helps you come out the other side. And I can only hope that if I were to ever have everything I could want, that that will inspire me in a different way. 

I am not alone. You are not alone and

I think this is one of the most beautiful books in the world, and it was given to me by someone equally as beautiful.

And as if by magic, Lucy Rose* is now singing to me that she’s not alone, and right now, I feel anything but alone.

*Lucy Rose - Night Bus.

 Originally starting out in metal work, despite having no interest in the area, until starting a business with his brother. He moved to Australia and travelled to colourful countries, as reflected in his latest work, when he became a highly acclaimed artist specialising in paper cuts and limited edition screen prints. Rob tells heartfelt stories through is art; some amusing, some poignant some melancholy. These works look effortless and whimsical but they are painstakingly crafted. He cuts each papercut from the finest paper, with the smallest of scalpels, and his prints display a masterful level of clarity and detail.


Etsy has done it again! This video is brilliantly showcasing the talents of Rob Ryan, an artist that creates handmade portraits. Rob’s work has such a creative soul that you can’t help but appreciate his understanding of people and how we are all interconnected.

Etsy, to you we thank for sharing these wonderful stories. And to Rob, you provide such inspiration and hope to many aspiring Creative Entrepreneurs….we support you and your efforts!!

Your creations are simply Breathtaking!

Columbia Road, Ryantown, 14.03.14

During a wonder over to the East with my friend Annie in order to visit Broadway Market, we happened upon Columbia Road. No market on a Saturday but a wealth of arty, crafty shops to discover including this gem. Ryantown was beautiful, we both gasped with excitement having not known that Rob Ryan had a shop of his lovely designs, so it was a great surprise! That’s the beauty of London - simply wandering and coming across all of these little places that you never knew were there, I treasure my year here.

Some things are a bit pricey, but go look, even just to admire.