This is the one and only thing in going to say about all this “drama” w/ miw.. Clearly their not the same band they were when creatures came out, bands change. Bands write music for 2 reasons
1. The fans 2.Themselves. And they have always related their music to the fans and now they want to write the music they want to write for themselves, whats so wrong about that?! Its their band their music their choices!. Its truly disgusting that some “fans” are throwing away their merch and say they’re not going to any more shows.. Clearly you were never a fan of theirs to begin with!

Thats all i have to say, if you have a problem with it you can message me.

I will stick by MIW until the day i die, i have always been a fan of theirs and i wont stop being a fan because of a change in style. I respect this band so much more than i did before (if thats possible) They will always mean the world to me no matter what happens 💚 ~Em