Private Marion Pillsbury assembles a .50 caliber machine gun at a Marine Corps base in San Diego.

From: USMC Archives


A couple details from the NARA image of Fairfax Court House (date unknown) posted by ryanshistoryblog. Check out those zouaves on the roof–any idea what unit they are? The guy in with the rolled up sleeves reminds me of the 11th NY ca 1st Bull Run but that’s a stretch given how little detail one can discern. The photo is attributed to Timothy O’Sullivan, who took other photos at this location dated June 1863. But those images show much of the lattice over the well missing, as well as many of those slats on the cupola, and the fence rails in the background. This has to be earlier. The number of dark blue trousers, plus light (gray?) uniforms, all additionally scream early war to me. O’Sullivan started photographing VA around July 1862, but it could be that this image was incorrectly attributed by someone assuming it was part of the later O’Sullivan series. What do you all think?