Honest Puberty Video Shows What It’s REALLY Like To Become A Woman

Your standard sixth grade health class video on puberty may have taught you all about burgeoning sexual urges and estrogen levels and fallopian tubes. But as any woman can attest, the most powerful changes that come with adolescence are a lot less biological and a lot more… infuriating! 

For more hilarious but sadly true facts about puberty including body hair and sexual attraction watch the full video here. 


Amazing Work of Blind Artist George Redhawk

Native American blind artist George Redhawk aka DarkAngelØne (previously 1, 2 )  uses visual aides to create this beautiful GIFs of pieces by his favorite artists.

To create most of my gifs, I am using a photo morphing software which I have been experimenting with, and perfecting over several years. Morphing software is designed to morph one photo to another photo, but a long time ago, I discovered that if I morph a photo to the exact same photo, I could get some pretty amazing movement out of it.
Following the loss of most of my vision, I began to explore this medium as a means to express the world through my damaged sight.

Visit DarkAngelØne‘s official Google+ page to see more incredible gifs and learn more about the man who creates them. 

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posted by Margaret