Sooooo ryannenijdam​ and I decided to do a drawing challenge, because we were both sorta lacking motivation and/or inspiration and/or time. There are 24 days, and we took the ideas from there and there, because we’re lazy. (Don’t expect sophisticated things from me, at least not at the beginning. Drawing daily is already a good thing for me these days. :D)

Sooo, day one! “Yourself or your persona.”

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5 - “Make your favourite character interact or pictured with a refrigerator.”

Hello hello~ Today’s drawing is a bit different than the others, the refrigirator is a little extra!

Rie & I decided to put this rule in place, saying that if we couldn’t post (or draw, in her case, since she still hasn’t scanned her drawings) (she sent me pics though) the drawing for the day, the other would pick an extra element to include in the next day challenge.

Both Rie and I couldn’t draw anything yesterday. J. decided to join our challenge as well, and since he drew something yesterday (which was HILARIOUS. Can i post it, J?) he wanted to be the one to pick the extra element. A refrigirator. Which is a really good idea.

The character is Églantine, a 20-ish-year-old woman from a french webcomic, The Cockroach Inc, by madeofplasma. She can read the future in food, and kinda read people’s vibes / minds. She’s a hippie. I decided to draw her a little drunk / high. I really like her.