What happens when an experienced hunter of ghosts and other paranormal beings ends up in a hotel meant for those exact things?
A lot of covering up from the android owner and his other employee. But Jeremy is not easy to fool, it seems.

Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget. I get caught up in the surface of Dear Evan Hansen. I focus on the ships. I focus on the memes. I focus on the headcanons where they are alright and Connor is alive and Evan is happy and Jared shows emotion. Alanna opens herself up and Zoe doesn’t have the weight of her abusive brother sitting on her shoulders. I resort to thinking of that because that is the story I want in the end. That is what I want for all of them; We all want that for them.

But listening to the whole show on live audio, I remember. Connor is dead. He was so sick and unsupported that he felt that committing was the only way out. Evan isn’t just a quirky awkward teenager. He has crippling social anxiety and often cannot ask for the help he needs. Jared hides his emotions because he is incredibly insecure to the point of having to cover it up with sarcasm in order to feel okay. Alanna has trouble connecting with people, so she pushes herself away. Zoe WAS abused by Connor, and it affects her a lot.

This show isn’t happy. This show isn’t a fun show filled with laughs and good times. It’s heartbreaking. And it’s supposed to be. But it’s also supposed to be warm, and relatable, and make you feel things that a lot of other musicals (or media in general) often don’t want to make you to feel. That’s whats so incredibly special about this show. It means something. It stands for something.

As fun as it is to get caught up in the little fun aspects of the show, I feel like at times, we all forget. Make sure to remind yourself sometimes.