right before your eyes || Ava & Connor

On any other night, the crowd of people that she had to navigate through would grate on Ava’s nerve. Any other night, honestly. But tonight, her heart was thumping as she walked, the crowd parting for her as if she were Moses and they the Red Sea. 

Ben had just proposed to her. 

Ben had just proposed to her.

“Oh, my God,” Ava whispered to herself as she moved away from the dance floor. Her sisters were around here, somewhere, as were her parents. Ben had insisted, before the party, for everyone important to her to be invited. At the time, she’d thought it was odd. Yes, it was his grandfather’s 75th birthday, but they’d only been dating for two months. Technically, she was just his event planner. Inviting people from her side was a nice thought, but it was unnecessary. Except that she hadn’t known that he was going to fucking propose. 

Was it too soon? Maybe, yeah. But she’d spent so long putting her work first, and while it had paid off, what Ava really wanted was to be one of those couples that she worked with and planned for. Now that was happening. Ben had been a regular Prince Charming since she’d met him, and his family had been so welcoming that frankly, Ava was having a little trouble believing the whole thing was true. The rock on her finger, though, that proved it. She wasn’t dreaming. 

Getting engaged to Ben was an amazing thing, but it didn’t hit her until she was almost to the open bar. Oh God, she was engaged. Ava looked down at her hand one more time, but, distracted, rammed into something- someone?- solid. She looked up. 

“Oh, I am so sorry. I was a little distracted,” Ava apologized, biting back a smile. She couldn’t help it. This guy’s drink had dropped to the floor, but none of that mattered. She was getting married. 

like a dark paradise • camona

Six months, seventeen days and… give or take a couple hours.

There wasn’t a day gone by that Casper hadn’t thought of her, no matter how much he tried to drown the memories in alcohol or dove into his work. He hadn’t been able to finish a blue print in months, and even though he knew he was possibly on the brink of losing his job he couldn’t bring himself to care enough. His family were worried that he would never get on with his life and Casper could agree wholeheartedly. How could he when his life had died six months earlier? The constant reminders around their apartment never helped either. Every room had something that reminded him of her and getting rid of them was something that just wasn’t possible. Casper wasn’t ready to let go of her and move on with his life, he wasn’t sure if he were ever possible of doing so.

During the first few weeks after the accident his friends and her family would visit him every day, making sure he was alright… alive more like it. It was no secret to all their friends and family that Casper blamed himself for her death, on top of that the last words he said to her would always ring in his mind. It was a stupid argument, miscommunication. Nothing they should have fought about, nothing that he should have let her storm out about. If he had made her stay, apologised for being an absolute dick, if he hadn’t been a stubborn asshole then she would still be here and they would be married.

Casper stumbled through the front door, clearly drunk and clearly exhausted. Visiting the local bar after he clocked out after work had become a common occurrence now, he knew just about all the employees at that bar by name now. If she could see him now well, she would probably see a stranger, and he wouldn’t blame her. Without her he was a stranger. Ditching his bag by the door Casper waddled towards the living room, the dark impeding his vision even more than the alcohol had causing him to bump into the couch and fall forwards onto it. He would have laughed at himself if he could even breathe properly.

With a groan he shifted onto his back and threw his arm over his eyes, not surprised to see her the second he closed his eyes, the vision taunting him. He wished he could pluck her out of his imagination and into reality, instead he was forced to only dream of her and where he wished he only ever slept and dreamed, lately sleep had begun to elude him. He couldn’t have Ramona, not even in his dreams. “It should’ve been me.” He croaked out as tears began to fall.

time changes everything | brandon + grace

Brandon had been conscious during the entire car crash. Sure, his head banged against the steering wheel and left him dizzy but he was fine. Grace wasn’t. The car that had ran the red light crashed directly into her side, sending their own compact car spinning rapidly down the street. There had been blood everywhere. Grace hadn’t moved a muscle. And he tried to call to the girl right next to him before everything went black.

He woke up in the hospital, left arm bandaged up in a cast. With his free hand, he reached up to touch his face, noting some scratches. Nothing too bad. Brandon was sure that he had endured worse in police academy.

Almost immediately, his mind flashed to Grace and his mouth went sour. He didn't hesitate to rip his body away from the hospital bed. Granted, he was a bit woozy but that was the least of his worries. Grace was the first. Stumbling out of the hospital room, Brandon only made it a few doors down when a nurse tried to stop him.

“I need to…” He jerked from her grasp. “My fiancee. Grace. I need to–”

A doctor intervened and ushered him back into his room, despite Brandon’s struggling. But when he finally calmed down, Dr. Jones gently informed him on Grace’s condition. She was alive – Thank God. But there was a high chance that she was suffering from short term memory loss.

There was this constant ringing in Brandon’s ears. His heart felt like it was pounding in his throat. And despite attempting to take deep heavy breaths, he felt like he could pass out again any second. He kept asking the doctor what the hell that meant but he really couldn’t say anything more than that.

And when they finally allowed Brandon into Grace’s room, he felt a huge rush of relief. There was no way in hell that she could forget him. And if she was experiencing some lost, it couldn’t be more than forgetting that they had a fight last week over bills. Right? No other answer seemed plausible to him.

Brandon quietly walked over to the seat next to the bed, his face positively lighting up at the sight of Grace, despite how beat up she looked. She was alive and that was all that matter. Watching her sleep peacefully was comfort enough. Scooting the bed closer, he reached out carefully grab her hand, thumb brushing across her engagement ring. He would patiently wait for her to wake up, even if it meant staying up all night.


advent calendar rp meme; day five (a male character of someone else’s)

what can i even say to express my love of marco de luca? are there words for it? i don’t think so. simply put, marco de luca is a pretentious asshole. he is the son of a mob boss, he does what he believes in no matter the consequences, he hates children, he’s an amazing cook, and he only cares about a handful of people. he cares way too much about designer fashion, he is incredibly damaged, and he is the occasionally loving husband of avery.

this was such a hard decision to make, because i have such a love for so many of the characters i roleplay opposite to, but i had to pick marco because he is so simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. when i start reading something that miranda’s written about marco, i never know whether i’m going to start laughing or crying, but it’s usually some combination of the two. his relationships with both avery and ophelia are so important to me. he is so important to me.

like oil & water | forzera

Caroline found herself wondering, not for the first or even the fifth time, if there was something about her that screamed “please abduct and torture me”. It seemed to happen on a monthly basis, sometimes. Was it the blonde hair? The short stature? She didn’t know, but she was incredibly pissed off about it. And just her luck, this time her captors didn’t want to simply chain her up - they wanted to drink from her. Vampires who drank other vampires…she’d thought that was just Mikael’s weird kink, but no, great. There had been at least five of them who’d had a taste, and by now she felt pretty lethargic. And hungry. She was fucking starving, in fact. And the headache…Caroline was pretty over this situation. Especially because the asshole vampires who’d been drinking from her had claimed she “didn’t taste as good as most of them”. Which, screw them, she probably tasted like rainbows and sunshine because she was awesome. 

Awesome, but really tired, so she was honestly having a hard time coming up with a plan to get out of these bonds and out of this…basement? Wherever they were holed up. Mostly, Caroline just sort of wanted to sleep. And maybe drain a few dozen blood bags. She slumped back against the floor, trying in vain to get into a semi-comfortable position. Her captors had been gone a pretty long stretch of time. Maybe that meant they’d left her here. She’d probably desiccate waiting for her friends to drag their mouths apart long enough to realize she was missing…Caroline sighed, knowing she was being petty. But she thought she deserved it, considering the situation. She frowned as she heard a clatter from outside the room’s single door, her advanced hearing picking up the sound of raised voices and - fighting?


ADVENT MEME, day three. a male character (of mine)

Landon Giancarlo Cervello is so incredibly important. He is an ego with legs, who loves his family and soccer and his friends. He is also essentially a nymphomaniac, and that’s just the way it is. He loves everything about his life, and there are very few things he would change if given the chance. He makes fun of his family a lot, but he also loves them and would do anything for them.

Landon’s best friends in the world are Bethany Malone and Jacob Donato, and it’s hilarious because they are so different and no one really understands how they work as friends. At least, him and Jake. Landon and Bethany are the most obvious friendship in the world, and they’ve been best friends since the day Bethany was born.

Landon is used in a million different verses, and he is the same trashy being in all of them. There’s verse where he bangs his best friends, his best friend’s father… Landon just does a lot of incredibly fucked up things when it comes to the people he fucks.

Basically, Landon is pure trash with a heart of gold deep down, and I just… I love him to death. He is so fucking important.

ryangoslinngarchive asked:

“And if I say yes?” // lunessa

“Then you’ll have a fiance.” His breath caught as he looked up at her, Vanessa’s hair glistening in the moonlight. The garden was bathed in luminous moonlight, and the air was just cooling down. Luke was lucky he was an alumnus in good standing; it wasn’t easy getting the Shakespeare Garden to close down for everyone else. The Garden Club liked to leave it open, but he’d winked and smiled and hinted at future donations and here they were. 

Dinner had been nice. He was ambitious enough to know he shouldn’t cook, and perverse enough to keep her on her toes for longer than it took to have two glass of wine. She wasn’t drunk, exactly, no, that would ruin his whole plan. But she was happy, with a twinkle in her eye and a flush on her cheeks. 

“Luuuke,” she sing-songed. “Are you sure about this?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, Ness,” he told her honestly. “Now are you in or out?”

“I don’t know,” Vanessa pretended to think, folding her fingers around her chin. “If you can’t even take a knee for five minutes, how can you take a knee for a whole marriage?”

“I’ll be at your mercy standing up,” Luke promised. “Now, please, say yes.”

“Okay,” she said quietly, holding her hand out for him to slip the ring onto her finger. She opened her arms for him as he stood up, and he took her left hand to pull her closer. 

“Love you.”

“If you make me regret this, Lucas, I’ll kill you.”