I wasn’t always into coffee. While I was in college, my high of choice was going out for a run at night, and yes, that helped me stay up for hours and crash in bed when I was already done with all that homework and exam cramming.

Then, when I was actually in the work force, when I learned I had absolutely no choice but to wake up every morning and be hustling early on, I discovered that I not only LOVE coffee. I discovered that I NEED coffee.

And heck, add to that, that I started working on houston seo for clients, where there were also late nights involved, I decided that just having the typical Starbucks, wasn’t enough. I started to realized that there are tastes, aromas, and temperatures to discover. Oh, coffee has made me happy ever since.

And yaaaaaas…….. Ryan Gosling, please, deliver some coffee. (Gotta love those Hey girl Ryan Gosling memes.)