hiiiiiii, so i recently reached 1k so i figured i would make a follow forever because my old one isn’t very up-to-date. thank you all for following me and being so lovely. follow all of these people and it’ll make your life 1000x better. 

here are some special people i would like to acknowledge.

abby - i love you a lot. literally everything about you makes me very happy. i really love the way you word things and how passionate you are about your ships. you are my favorite.

cody - best themes and edits hands down. she is also always super great and helpful. thank you for all of the textures, screencaps, icons, and everything else you do! 

karoline - honestly probably wouldn’t have any followers if it wasn’t for you. thank you for always giving me links for downloads and explaining things to me when i don’t understand game of thrones! 

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