ayeeee, just wanted to make something to let everyone know that i love them a lot. it takes a lot for me to follow people and i just gotta let y’all know that you are amazing. my dash is constantly filled with lots of great things because of these people below. it’s been a pretty shitty year tbh and i probably would have been a very sad person without all of you. thanks to all my friends who somehow deal with all my stupid messages when i randomly tell you to have a good day for no reason or whatever the hell else i say and if we don’t talk you probably made something that inspired me to be a better graphic maker, or fulfilled a request i had, or even made me laugh because i actually do read all of your tags. basically i love you all, thank you for being great people and running great blogs and shit. i hope the new year brings you lots of great things.
(also my bad on the edit like idk i tried something new? that’s all your urls in the background i thought i was nifty as hell for that)

so this right here is in alphabetical order:

  • if you are bolded that’s means we have socialized and we are like buddies and i am very much in love with you.
  • if you are italicized that means we have never socialized because you make me nervous because you are just so cool but also that i am very much in love with you. 

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