My Man Skyblu has a summer Vegas residency ! Body English and Rehab Day Club will be our new summer home .  Which means I’ll be performing there through summer ! 

I love the feeling of performing in Vegas , the crowd is always out to have a ridiculous and crazy time . Its almost a requirement . 

Oh and thats me in the red hat . 

Photos by SPYONvegas , Associated Press , and Sali Kharazi

Tom Foolery

My good friends @kellymasumiya , @abadimage , and Jamison invited me on a field trip to Santa Monica for their #galavantingsoul series . It’s a night of exploring , playing , and playing . I had to leave early for a rehearsal so I wasn’t able to stay for long and take as many photos . this is what I got , I already can’t wait to do it again . Thanks friends


A Bad Hair Day : FENG OOTD 02

Gray is my absolute favorite color for clothing . All different shades . And of all the clothing articles that I like gray , my favorite is a grey crew neck . From expensive materials to cheap finds . I love them all . Also my favorite thing to dance in . 

Sweater : Obey

Pants : Modern Amusement Joggers

Shoes : Nike Roche

Hat : My own creation

Watch : Michael Kors

Bracelets : World of Dance

Rings : Gift from Japan

Sunglasses : Thrifted