Hope your 2016 is off to a great start:

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sorry if I missed anybody :(

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Well first of all id like to thank jiritlustys for being such a babe and making these gifs. Bella’s actually the best, so everyone go follow her!!

I’ve been on tumblr for over a year now and I’ve met the best of friends here. Some of you, I don’t really talk to and others I talk to everyday. It really makes me feel less lonely when I’m blogging with a group of people who love hockey as much as I do, so THANK YOU :) Anyways, here it goes:

|| 44morganrielly || ayyleafs || big-dick-kreider || bl4ckhawks|| bleedingblueandwhite || boedylicious || boogallagher || bournivals || brandon-proost || bruinuck || captaintazer || david-booth || dan-carcillos-missing-teeth || derickboossard || firstlinercoltonorr || fourthlinegrind|| goalbuster || hunterrshinkaruk || immosjake || inreimerwebelievein || itshockeybitch || jayrosehill || jiritlustys || johntortorella || jonathndrouin || kissesforcam || komarovy || lcehockey || lundqvisition || mapleleafsforever || masraymond || mayray || mayray-lack-kostka || meaghanmikkelson || nemoniemi || nik-scherbaks || penaltybox || parises || penspride || perksofpuck || sarwhat || reimminister || riemers || ryanellis- || rymcdonaghs || scaryd-amigo || spooky-scoraceks || spoopysergio || staalker || thehjammer || tkrug || tylersexguin || unitedstatesofkessel || virtanens ||

Okay so I’ve decided to do a follow forever! It may not be the best but these are all the blogs I’ve talked to, found sweet or helpful, and that I love in general! I’m trying to narrow it down (which I’m bad at) so very sorry for anything (again I’m bad at these so lol)

A-I: always-a-great-day-for-hockey, ayyleafsbeleafable, bozieandkess, bundle-of-bollands, canadianjuniors, captaintazer, crosberle, dallas41chicago88, dont-stop-beleafing, erikguay, everr-afterr, franson, fuckyeahthemapleleafs, gards, goaliesorgohome, inreimerwebelievein, in-lupul-we-trust

J-R: jakethegardiner, kane, keep-on-beleafing, kesselphil, kess-my-ass, kingofthekessel, kuleminy, landyskoglonglivehockey, lupestroops, matt-douchene, miracle-ice-hockey, natemackinns, nhlfanuniverse, ohhrielly, perksofpuck, philkess, riediner, riemsdyks, riemszaks, ryanellis-

S-Z: showsomeskins, livemighty08, soupysegs, thenazmaniamdevil, thetruenorthstorng-and-free, tml-passion, trevorrsmith, troybodie, tylerbozk, typaulseguin, umhiilikehockey, wishing-on-a-leaf

Numbers: 14eberle, 19toews