Feedback for the Miskin Inquisition!

January 20th 2015

Hello meatbags, how’s you?

I’m great myself. Thank you for asking and thank you for watching our presentation and giving us feedback. It’s an honour to work with you people and I’m blessed to be going forward onto Animal Farm with you.

Provided we all just get on with it…

Our piece was a loose adaptation of the themes and context within Orwell’s work. It was a short torture scene where I got forced to say what the party wanted me to. It was written and directed by my self and was the first time I really got to do that. Video will be up tomorrow whenever we can all decide to be in a room at once.

Anyways! Feedback. We crave it! Give us our feedback, we wants it! Please be gentle and remember to be honest.


Hope your 2016 is off to a great start:

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sorry if I missed anybody :(

my inbox is always open if you need to chat <3