‘Sour Soul’ x Pool-Pah 1973

via Wiz, Curren$y, Big Sean x O.T.T.R. 2011

I wonder when the first flower blossomed? Why is there a correlation to water apes and mermaids (In which I happen to want a monkey and mermaids are considered muses)? We’re taught early in our youth to question all in which we don’t understand and yet, I’m still rearranging puzzle pieces to make the big picture make sense. In fact, I know some folks well into their mid-life sentences in a slow boogie marathon. All in all, we design our journeys while dictating what our senses want to accomplish. Everyone’s entitled to their own logic. So as I continue to utilize the resources given from the creator, I’m still figuring this operation out. Sometimes all I know is the creative aspect while other times it’s the business wit that sharpens the knife. Duality in the brain split evenly down the middle so everything is a process and a discipline. 

Writing is a very heavy love affair. It just doesn't always come easy. 

Between interviewing various artists, musicians, and grinders of New York and creative directing photo shoots for Vulgar Colors, I’ve absorbed more information than intended to, and by no means is this a disappointment, but the learning curve twitched a bit. As open as a fully bloomed Lily in Spring, I’m always game for in-depth consumption. (What these artists dropped on me will be revealed in the next issue.) So back to the drawing board is how it goes but that’s understood now – Everything is consistently upgrading and degrading, moving in and out, making voyages and changing the pace. Such is life. 

During this period my brother Mark and I hiked to Strand’s Bookstore near Union Square. He wanted to check out cooking books and I wanted to find something with great detail about colors. Just a few days before going, I saw an exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art. There was one video that moved my senses – a black and white video of nature with extremely faint dashes of old-school, VHS colors of red, green, and blue. I ended up not getting anything pertaining to colors unless you count the Chakras book, but instead racked up on seven other books with polar intentions. Bouncing between music composers, the music industry, ape to man theories, and meditation responses, it’s been busy. Lesson: Everything is one in the same. All of it. 

Celebration is naturally instilled into our music and foods while joining forces under one cultural umbrella. I intend for this concept to live in the next pages of Vulgar Colors Magazine. Extending beyond music to include art, community and culture, hues of ‘Purple Magic’ fills the text and visuals. Artist features and tales from the community will be exposed for reader consumption on digital display. Vintage vinyl in a modern presence.  

Inspiration: ‘Diana in The Autumn Wind.’ 



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