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“And go fuck yourself if you think I should be a long suffering mammy teacher to some appropriative white male asshole"…

Sweetie, I want you to explain to me what about that was sexist and/or racist. I used Mammy specifically because I’m a Black woman of size. Considering what a “Mammy” is, I look the part. And especially considering the “role” of a Mammy to a white child…

Oh do you mean mentioning the fact you are a white male(I presume you are cisgendered if not I apologize for misgendering you)? 

I’m sorry, how is making an accurate description of fact, that you are white man, sexist OR racist? Just mentioning race or sex doesn’t MAKE something sexist or racist, any more than pretending to be color blind makes you NOT racist. 

So explain it to me little man. Explain it to me if you can manage it. 


Transgender day of visibility

Gender-fluid Pansexual :
it really took me a long time to figure out what I was really feeling, I never always felt like a boy but never completely like a girl, I always had thoughts and feelings that fluctuated between the two and I tried ignoring it for years in denial and was so set on being male. I’m so fortunate to have very understanding loving people in my life that just accept me and I hope that everyone out there has a chance to be appreciated for who they truly are ♡

pronouns: he/him/his