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did i just witness a scene from a musical


“The Emperor Jones” by Eugene O’Neill

Irish Repertory Theatre, 2017

Starring Obi Abili, William Bellamy, Carl Hendrick Louis, Sinclair Mitchell, Angel Moore, Andy Murray & Reggie Talley

So Aramis has to wait until the next GIFset, because we are still stuck in Louis’s fantasy commoner world.

Ryan Gage always plays Louis like he’s channelling his inner three year old, and here he is again. 

“Cards! I love cards!”

Porthos is deeply, completely unimpressed with this shit.

D’Artagnan: “He’ll go back to the palace thinking his subjects spend all their time drinking and gambling.”

Porthos: “We should show him what it’s really like to be poor in Paris.”

Athos gives him The Look of “Really? No.”

And Porthos gets the message. 

“Or not.”

Louis is cruising for a bruising, and Athos, in the most wonderful breathy, growly voice, says “I don’t like this.”

Which he may not, but he can whisper that or anything else he likes in that voice into my shell like ear any time he wants :)

Then shit gets real, and it’s on!

Athos, showing that he’s a bloody dirty little fighter

D’Artagnan trying to save a completely oblivious king

Ruler and subject, sharing a giggle. Yes, it’s all fun and games

Until the slavers turn up and whack his majesty on the cranium.

Now, I have to point out something here. Louis is facing d’Artagnan when he delivers the “The life of a commoner is so exciting, so exhilarating, so…“ line, and D’Artagnan is facing down the lane in the direction from when the slaver turns up. There’s but a split second between the end of Louis’s sentence and him being hit. They make it look as if D’Artagnan was turned away at that point but he wasn’t, so he only turned for the briefest time.

Why didn’t he see the attack coming?

Anyway, poor observational skills aside, he fights like the Musketeer he is, until this…

And…roll credits. 

Take what you like, more coming :)