- Yeah, I mean, like, Wolverine can’t shave, put on a tie and then go to work at a newspaper the next day.
- Exactly, Cyclops can’t take off a cape and attend fancy dinner parties.
- These Mutants are full-time Mutants.
- Yeah, their powers and weaknesses. Are all out in the open.


“DEADSET” a film By Elvis Di Fazio inspired by the Australia day Celebrations Here in Sydney.

Mathew Clarke & Leeroy Destruction
D.O.P : Elvis Di Fazio
Photographer’s Assist :Fadi Kazmuz

Music / Sound:
Audio sample from an outtake filming Ryan Ward for CRUNK SOCIETY  by Elvis Di Fazio
Nature Sounds from the album “Favourite Australian Birdsong”
Thunderstruck By AC/DC
Down Under By Men at Work


Life is Strange fancast:

Ellen Page as Max Caulfield / Kristen Stewart as Chloe Price / Devon Werkheiser as Warren Graham / Emma Watson as Victoria Chase / Miles Teller as Nathan Prescott / Kiernan Shipka as Kate Marsh / Pablo Tell Schreiber as David Madsen / Norman Reedus as Frank Bowers / Matt Bomer as Mark Jefferson / Ving Rhames as Ray Wells / Jennifer Aniston as Joyce Price / Lindsey Shaw as Dana Ward / Debby Ryan as Juliet Watson / Ellen Wong as Brooke Scott / Ashley Fink as Alyssa Anderson

You know the shine’s been off the NXT brand for me for a long time- since the incredible parallel Bayley/Sami Zayn heroes journey arcs concluded and Ryan Ward moved from creative it’s felt like the glory days are over… though of course with all that talent the Takeovers still deliver in the ring. I rarely watch the weekly show anymore though.. to me it was the storytelling that made peak 2014-2015 NXT so special and i’ve felt that aspect has got lost a bit. 

So i was NOT PREPARED for Takeover Chicago being honestly, possibly the best top to bottom wrestling show I’ve ever seen. The crowd reaction to Bate/Duune’s scorcher was out of this world, reminding me why wrestling gives me chills in a special way no other artform can. The women’s division is truly rocking once more and Roode/Itami was a perfect synergy of the two men’s very different styles (one downer was the fan’s didn’t seem to care much about Hideo… backlash against his mildly sassy tweet about “his GTS”/Punk? He seemed thrown enough to make that pretty cringey to watch back heel kick to thin air botch…) 

 ….and THAT ending. The tag ladder main event and its aftermath were back to the gold standard of NXT emotional story telling. I’m not wired right to really have a strong automatic radar for the ho yay aspects of pro wrestling pairings but even i noticed it with Ciampa/Gagarno and the latter basically sacrificing his life for the former…. and yeah, legit did.not.see.that.coming.