Covert Action - A Most Wanted Fanfic

[A little note: I’ve wanted to do a most wanted fanfic for awhile but I wasn’t sure where to start. It’s definitely a lot different from writing freshman fanfics so I wanted to approach this carefully, especially since I wasn’t writing with any pairing in mind. I wanted to explore the dynamics of Sam and Dave’s relationship as well as writing something else outside of my comfort zone. This has a plot and working goal in mind. As usual, I hope it’s an enjoyable read! Please don’t hesitate to leave any feedback and criticisms as I venture into new territory.]

[Summary: Sam Massey and Dave Reyes have only just begun getting used to each other as friends and as partners. When they aren’t arguing over how to proceed with a plan, they work together like a single cohesive unit. Until tonight. Tonight plans go awry and Sam is left to think on her feet.]

“Do you see him? I can’t get a good view from my vantage point.” Muttered the husky voice inside her earpiece. The voice that belonged to none other than Dave Reyes, the partner she never thought she needed but was somehow stuck with. Since deciding to stay and be a part of the team in L.A., she had slowly become accustomed to change. After less than a dozen cases together, she was now beginning to realize that she looked forward to it. Except for at the moment; where all she could think about was getting out of here.

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