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Donald Trump’s missteps since the conventions have put Hillary Clinton in a dominant position.

If the election were held today, according to the latest NPR analysis of polling, demographics and on-the-ground reporting, Clinton would win in a landslide of 2008 proportions. She has solidified her leads in key battleground states and crosses the threshold of 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House in the NPR Battleground Map with just states where she already has a significant lead.

In other words, she could lose all of the toss-up states — Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada and Georgia, yes, Georgia now — and still win, as you can see in the map above, 273-174.

Trump has battled a litany of bad headlines, including feuding with a family whose Army captain son was killed in Iraq, declined to support (before endorsing) key Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan, joked that “Second Amendment people” could do something about Clinton, and charged that President Obama (and Clinton) “founded” ISIS. He even said he wanted a crying baby taken out of a rally — after a minute earlier saying he liked it. (He later said he would “sponsor” it. (“And the baby will sing someday in Philharmonic Hall,” he said.)

It has meant that key voting groups have moved more toward Hillary Clinton. NPR’s Asma Khalid, for example, reported on how white, college-educated voters are converting to Clinton. That’s a demographic found in important places, like the suburbs of Philadelphia, Denver and Northern Virginia.

It’s been about the worst month any Republican who wants Trump to win could have feared.

NPR Battleground Map: Hillary Clinton Solidifies Lead Against Donald Trump

Graphic: Alyson Hurt and Domenico Montanaro/NPR