Tech CEOs and top Republicans met on a private island to stop Trump

Like something out of a Bond movie, last weekend, the titans of the tech industry flew out to a private island resort off the Georgia coast to meet with top Republicans at the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum. Though many topics about governance and business were discussed, the Huffington Post reports that the “main topic” was stopping Donald Trump. At the forum, Karl Rove reportedly dissected Trump’s biggest weaknesses.

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Critics of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In project argue that her brand of feminism is only for elite people, focused more on telling privileged people to throw their weight around at work than on the systemic issues that make it hard for people, especially people who have no power to set their own work schedules, to have a good work-life balance. She confirmed these suspicions Wednesday with an obnoxious Facebook post congratulating Paul Ryan for using his power to get weekends home with the family. It’s complete with this photo of him at a Packers game with the kids.

Liberal media exploded, as it should, in outrage, arguing that Ryan is a hypocrite because he has repeatedly opposed Democratic efforts to make family leave available to Americans who aren’t privileged enough to be congressmen. This is good and I hope that Sandberg sees the error of her ways and apologizes.

Paul Ryan isn’t a hypocrite. He just sees a family life as a privilege for the elite, instead of a right for all.