IMO, the only smart thing Trump ever did was appoint Mike Pence as VP. It’s why he won’t get impeached. It’s why the Democrats are so reluctant to do it, even though the GOP subtly encourage it.

If he’d have picked Christie or Romney or Ryan for VP, it would be a different story.  He’d be out already. 


It has begun: Paul Ryan has started the process to defund Planned Parenthood (which already gets $0 for abortion, so…WHY???)

House Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed during a news conference on Thursday that Republicans plan to strip Planned Parenthood of millions of dollars of federal funding. Ryan said that a defunding measure would appear in a bill that is expected to pass through Congress as early as next month.

Planned Parenthood reportedly blocked from delivering petitions to Paul Ryan’s office

  • Planned Parenthood volunteers arrived at House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office armed with nearly 90,000 petitions in response to GOP plans to strip the organization of its funding.
  • Ryan delivered the news at a press conference, announcing that the legislation would be folded in with the Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Apparently, the House speaker wasn’t quite ready for the impending backlash: According to tweets from Planned Parenthood’s official account, volunteers were greeted by a sign on Ryan’s door informing visitors that only “scheduled appointments” would be admitted into his office.
  • The organization also alleged that six security guards had been sent to physically block the delivery of the petitions. Read more.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaking in Syracuse at the New York Democratic State Convention in 1936.

FDR’s satirical rebuke against Republicans who opposed Social Security and the New Deal during the 1936 election.

80 years later the very same Republican Party used the same rhetoric unironically to justify taking away health insurance from 20 million Americans.


GOP is happy to spend billions on Trump’s wall. Here’s what they wouldn’t pay for.

  • Trump is seeking billions of federal dollars to pay for his border wall between the United States and Mexico — an $8 to $14-billion price tag.
  • Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he’s happy to foot the bill, even without a clear revenue source.
  • Yet for the past eight years, Republicans railed against bills that had hefty price tags and no clear source of funding
  • Including:
    • Health care for 9/11 first responders
    • Hurricane Sandy aid
    • The Flint water crisis
    • Zika virus funding
  • Only 37% of Americans support the border wall. Read more

And the institutional coddling of white racists under the Trump administration continues. 

This excerpt is *important* for context:

Speaking to reporters, [Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL)] expressed anger about what had happened.

“I’ve been here 25 years and I’ve never been told by the Speaker of the House that I can’t attend a meeting I’ve requested,” he fumed.

The speaker of the house PAUL RYAN is facilitating a system of racism and oppression when he chooses to bar Representatives of color, their colleagues, from voicing their concerns about racist acts. 

As we can see the decision to prevent notably outspoken and critical voices of color from attending the meeting they requested goes against 25 years of precedent. Ryan is GOING out of his way and ignoring precedent because the feelings of sensitive white racism is too valuable.


Signal boost this– here’s what you absolutely need to know about the impending vote on the Affordable Care Act

Republican leaders are in a pickle, because they have yet to figure out what their reconciliation bill will look like in order to then work out how to repeal Obamacare. They gave themselves until only January 27 to figure out how to work the legislation out.


So you want to know what will actually happen if Obamacare is repealed. Here’s what to expect

Despite the fact that the ACA provides health insurance to over 20 million people, it has been a point of contention between Democrats and Republicans for a long time. And now, the GOP counts on the support of president-elect Donald Trump, who has vowed to get rid of Obamacare once he comes into office. But what will actually happen if the program gets repealed?

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Paul Ryan slams DAPL decision, signalling concerns for the future

  • Hours after the Army Corps of Engineers’ historic DAPL announcement, House Speaker Paul Ryan slammed the decision
  • He called it “big-government decision-making at its worst,” saying, “I look forward to putting this anti-energy presidency behind us.”
  • Ryan’s tweet frames the news not as a victory of a marginalized group over an environmental threat, but as evidence that “big government” was “anti-energy” in delaying the construction of the pipeline. 
  • His implication that these policies will soon be “behind us” is a worrisome indication that victories achieved this weekend could soon be undone by a Trump administration. Read more

I just did this, you won’t have to speak to anyone, you can leave a message for Paul Ryan in the end if you choose to, but his inbox is currently full right now.

The long awkward silence is real, and after you get to press 2, you’ll hear a long Paul Ryan propaganda on how he has a “better way” to replace ACA, just bear through it and wait til you’re prompted to register your support for ACA by pressing one. 

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Watch: Samantha Bee says House Speaker Paul Ryan is the “Taylor Swift” of the GOP because he feigns innocence and is completely disingenuous

Bee focused on Ryan’s big shift on everything related to Trump in a segment called Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage. Last year, the speaker went from saying he wasn’t ready to support Trump, to penning an op-ed endorsing the then-presidential candidate, to defending Trump’s policies. Check out Ryan’s full descent into brown (orange?) nosing territory.

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