Protect a player for a player who wasn’t protected. Can you believe.

The kid line is officially broken, and the baby is now the longest serving Oiler. And I stg we better keep Ryan Nugent Hopkins!! 😤 he’s a player we need to keep, he didn’t score at all during the playoffs but shit!! He did a lot other more things and if we lose him, that’s it. I swear I will leave Tumblr this season.

Some great things Team North America gave us

- Connor being captain and foreshadowing that he might become the youngest captain in nhl history

-Matthews and McDavid playing together like they have been for years

-Matthews playing like he’s been in the nhl for years despite never playing a game

-That Eichel goal assisted by Matthews and McDavid (what dreams are made of)

-The speed ofc

-Gaudreau’s goal (you know the one)

-Drouin being on the team

-Parayko quietly shining and helping out his team

-The media actually acknowledging how good Parayko was

-Nuge and Johnny Hockey looking like two of the youngest on the team despite being two of the oldest

-Ekblad looking like one of the oldest on the team despite being one of the youngest

-When everyone crowded around Johnny and we saw how tiny he actually is

-Just Dylan Larkin

-Probably the best 3 on 3 overtime ever

-MacKinnon’s OT goal

-Rielly’s reaction to MacKinnon’s OT goal

-Morgan Rielly when MacKinnon scored in overtime

-Rielly jumping and screaming when MacKinnon scored and then holding everyone up bc he was watching the replay

-Rielly’s ‘oh my god’ when he was watching the replay

-Even though it was heartbreaking Tim and Sid’s feature after they got eliminated

-Oh yeah and that one Leafs defenceman reacting to MacKinnon’s OT goal


It’s all about respect, respect for our teammates, respect for our fans, and respect for our game. No matter your race, religion, or whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender; if you can play, you can play. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, on this team… we’re family.