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Prompt where Michael takes extra care of Ryan during their first time ❤️️😩

The air between them is electric. More than that. It’s like a storm. It’s like an explosion. It’s like the whole damn world was collapsing and rebuilding around them.

If it weren’t for their grueling schedule, this probably would have happened at the start of Athens. Or at Worlds or training camp or something. But they’re high off their medals. That and the fact that they’re 19 and 20 year old boys.

Michael is kissing Ryan like there’s no tomorrow. Neither of them are quiet sure how it started. They got back to their room and looked at each other and just…

Mike is pretty sure it’s the way Ryan’s cheeks are still flushed and the laurel is tangled in his long curls and how bright Ryan’s eyes are.

Ryan is pretty sure it’s the way Mike is taller than him, more demanding and powerful even though the kid’s kinda scrawny.

Ryan is pushed up against the wall, Michael trapping him there with long kisses and light touches. They finally make it over to the bed and Michael has never been happier that the Village is overrun with condoms and lube. He had been so nervous about that, remembering what it had been like in Sydney. But he was fifteen then. And even more awkward than he is now.

Michael is on top of Ryan, and Ryan wraps his legs around Mike’s hips, tugging them down. They both groan against each other’s lips as Ryan rolls up his hips. He’s fucking needy for Mike. Has been since the second he saw him. And now that it’s finally happening, they can’t get naked fast enough.

Their clothes are off soon, though, and Ryan is relieved when they are both in just their boxer briefs. Michael runs his hands lightly over Ryan’s too hot skin and Ryan lets out a low laugh.

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” he drawls, leaning up to capture Michael’s lower lip between his teeth.

Michael just blushes, all the way to the tips of his ears. He’s never done this before. Not like anyone would want to, which is why he’s surprised that Ryan is even interested at all.

But Ryan is interested and he’s pressing up and moving against Michael in the most enticing of ways.

“Yeah, okay,” Mike manages to stutter. He hooks his fingers in the waistband of Ryan’s underwear and tugs them down. Ryan’s cock bobs free and Michael can’t bite back the moan that escapes his lips.

Michael makes quick work of taking off his own underwear and they are finally blessedly naked. Ryan reaches for a packet of lube in the pile on his bedside table and presses it into Mike’s hand.

“Go for it,” he says with a grin, and yeah Mike is pretty sure he could cum on the spot.

Instead he just stares down at the packet of lube, unsure of what to do. Well, he knows what to do in a basic sense, but he’s not the experienced one here.

Ryan rolls his eyes and grabs the packet back, tears it open with his teeth, and squeezes some of the lube onto his own fingers.

“Just this once,” he says as he spreads his legs and pushes a finger inside of himself. Ryan’s eyes fall closed and he lets out a breathy little sound. “You’re gonna have to learn how to do this yourself, Phelps.”

Michael’s heart beats a little faster at that, at the promise that this isn’t going to happen just once. Mike concentrates, though, watches Ryan’s fingers with rapt attention, as if he were studying his latest times.

Ryan laughs at that. Laughs at the look of intensity on Michael’s face. “It’s sex, Mike,” he says, his breath hitching as he adds a third finger and Whoa, Mike thinks, when did that happen? “Just relax and have a good time.”

When Ryan fells that he’s adequately prepped, he pulls his fingers free and tosses a condom at Michael. He strokes his own cock a few times before patting Michael’s hip. “Alright, Phelps, let’s see what you got.”

Michael grabs the condom and rolls it on and yeah, this he can do because of course he put a condom on a banana in middle school. He arranges them so that he’s between Ryan’s legs and he takes his own cock in his hand. It’s slippery, and his heart is pounding wildly. He leans forward, the tip of his cock just barely teasing at Ryan’s hole. “Are you sure you’re ready, Ryan?”

Ryan rolls his eyes and lets out a huff. “Yes, Mike, come on.”

And when Michael pushes in, the both of them let out porn star grade moans. This feels fucking good. Fucking amazing. Ryan is so tight and hot and Michael is so big and yeah, the both of them are in heaven.

Michael is slow, though. Even after he’s bottomed out and Ryan has adjusted. Michael keeps things slow and gentle. He wants to pick up the pace. Hell, he wants to fuck Ryan into next Tuesday. But he’s afraid of hurting Ryan. He’s so gorgeous and perfect and amazing that Michael is so afraid of breaking him.

Ryan is groaning and whining and wriggling on the bed beneath Michael. “Faster, Mikey,” he pleads, tugging at Michael’s hips. “Please.”

“Don’t wanna hurt you,” Mike grunts, hanging his head to watch as his cock disappears into Ryan.

Ryan huffs and rolls his eyes. “You won’t. This ain’t my first rodeo. Now fuck me Phelps, or I swear to-”

Ryan doesn’t get to finish that sentence because Michael’s hips snap forward and “Yeah, that’s it, right there, Mikey.”

Michael sets a fast pace, still a bit on the gentle side, but better than before. He must be doing something right, though, because Ryan is groaning his name over and over again.

Ryan’s hand is wrapped around his own cock and he’s stroking in time with Michael’s thrusts. His muscles twitch and tighten but he holds off because he wants to cum with Michael.

And finally, fucking finally, Michael bites out that he’s close, so fucking close and he’s gonna fucking cum.

The two of them go over the edge together, crying out each other’s names and cutting each other off with quick kisses.

Once they finally come down, Michael pulls out very gently and makes quick work of tossing the condom. He grabs an abandoned tee shirt to clean them both up before grabbing a bottle of water from the floor.

“Here,” he says, pressing it into Ryan’s hand. “Drink this.” He watches as Ryan sucks down about half of the bottle, and suddenly, Michael panics.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Do you need Advil? Something to eat? More water? Maybe Powerade? Fuck, Ryan, your laurel is stuck in your hair and oh my god…” Michael’s eyes widen as he notices the hickey left behind on Ryan’s neck. He reaches out to run his fingers over it. “Fuck, I’m sorry, Ry.”

Ryan laughs because Mike’s gone into mother hen mode. “I’m good, Mike, seriously.” He relaxes back against the pillows, looking like a Greek statue with that fucking laurel stuck in his curls.

Michael looks at Ryan with hesitation. “I-”

Ryan cuts him off. “I’m good, Mike, really.” He reaches out and tugs at Michael’s gangly arm. “Just come here.”

Michael reluctantly lays down, and Ryan presses right up against his side. Mike never thought Ryan would be the snuggling type. Hell, he never thought he himself would be the snuggling type. But there they were, Ryan snuggled against Mike and Michael gently prying the laurel out of Ryan’s curls.

“So like…this is gonna be a regular thing, right, Mikey?”

“Yeah, Ry. For sure.”

Ryan Lochte caught in Olympic scandal because he didn’t want to tell his mother what he did on Saturday night

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy goes out, boy comes home, mom asks what boy did, boy lies about being mugged to cover up drunk and disorderly behavior, mom tells the news because boy is an Olympic athlete, news investigates, boy gets caught.



Jana Kramer Talks Ryan Lochte’s “DWTS” Heckling Incident