okay world lemme tell you something real quick
If there is one thing that you should NOT do is mess with Brazil because we are literally the embodiment of the word PETTY
I mean it.
Some examples for you:
• We made fun of ISIS on twitter after it threatened to attack us
• We sat through 10 HOURS of an impeachment voting just to make memes out of it
• We ended the career of the Brazilian pop star Biel after he harassed a reporter ( he lost his contract with a musical record, had to sell his car and house and move back with his parents and now he is being sued for harassment)
• We started a war on twitter with a Canadian reporter after he complained about the size of our coffee ( for real )
• We made Ryan Lochte lose 4 of his sponsors after we created a hashtag about him ( #LochteGate) because he lied about being robed and trashed a gas station bathroom here in Brazil during the Olympics
• We started a war against Portugal on twitter after they stole one of our memes ( there was even a Wikipedia page about it )
• After Renauld Lavillenie was bitching about being second place in the Olympics and compared us to nazis and his coach made fun of one of our religions we started a battle against him on social media and he had to make a public apology
• AND OUR MOST RECENT CASE: Azealia Banks started to talk shit about our country on Facebook and made some xenophobic comments about us we started a war against her and because of this her account was once again banned from twitter, and now she is a meme here in Brazil

Point made.


Nathan Adrian felt a little strange walking around the pool during the U.S. National Championships.

Michael Phelps wasn’t there last week. Ryan Lochte was missing, too. And for the first time in almost two decades, when the American long-course world championship team was announced, neither of its biggest stars appeared.

“It’s weird, really weird,” Adrian said. “I’d been focused on swimming for so long, and then it was about swimming fast and then it was like you’re a veteran, and then you look at it now and it’s like you’re one of the leaders of the team. It feels like it was only a few years ago I was nipping on the heels of Jason Lezak.”