love this boy! <3


Enjoy !

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My best friend is in a BRAND NEW UK BOYBAND! This is a massive deal for him and I am so proud! I know one of the other members as well and it would be so amazing if you went and showed your support for them on Facebook & Twitter!

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so right now...

im being asked myt thoughts on ryan harman and chris adamson because apparently ryan bishop called harman an “asshole.”

my thoughts is that 3 out of 4 people are all sitting around together whihle one has brett ask me these questions.

i don’t understand guys.

chris adamson will forever be a huge dick to me because of his audacious character. i mean would you really expect me to like someone who called me every name in the book from hoe to slut to super whore for having sex with one guy. no you’re just jealous because it wasn’t you.

and i think ryan harman is a cool kid. we’ve had fun times together. and i can’t help the fact that someone doesn’t like them. it still doesn’t change my opinion of them.

well here you go.

i hate when people put me on the spot like this, and im not going to start being fake about stuff and acting like i’m someones friend when im not.

would you?