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What was it like being on set of "wasted youth" was it super natural or more directed and structured?

The set was just me, fletcher and ryan for the most part running around with a camera and an iPhone for lighting. It was the most exciting video I think I’ve ever been a part of because they are both so talented it was just a dream! I’m so proud to be in it, my younger self would have died to watch something like it. I try to have elements like that in all my own videos too so to be in someone else’s was DOPE!


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You know, Fletch, I gotta tell you, the day that you came up with your crazy idea to keep Division open, I was scared. Part of me just wanted to run, just bust through the doors and and fight our way out. But you saw a future. You saw something that none of us could see. I wonder, did you see this? I’m so sorry I wasn’t there. You know, you told me once that I saved your life. Do you remember? The truth is, my friend, you saved mine. More times than I can even tell you. We can’t do this without you.