Congrats to Quest Crew on their Emmy for Outstanding Choreography!

Performed by: Quest Crew (Ryan Conferido, Ryan Feng, Brian Hirano, Jolee, Hok Konishi, Aris Paracuelles, Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, and Steve Terada)

Number: “Runaway Baby”

Choreographers: Quest Crew

Style: Breakdancing and Hip Hop

From: America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 8, Episode 1: All-Star Showdown (2015)

Quest Crew

And this is why they’re the best:

Quest Crew - Airstrike

Quest Crew - The Shop
Quest Crew in Honey 2
Quest Crew on SYTYCD
Quest Crew - FireSet on WOD

Assorted tripes:
Assorted tripe pt. 0
Assorted tripe pt. 1
Assorted tripe pt. 1.5
Assorted tripe pt. 2 
Assorted tripe pt. 3
Assorted tripe pt. 4
Assorted tripe pt. 5

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Champions for Charity
Season 6 Guest Performance LMFAO



Hit The Floor 2015


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