Ryan de la Hoz at 886 Geary.

Starting this Saturday, June 13th, 2015 at 886 Geary in San Francisco, California artist Ryan de la Hoz will be displaying many of his epic works of art in the two (three) person show “The Matter of Time” with Kai and Sunny.

Using mixed media to create his work, Ryan pursues the notions of the past and present and their effects on emotions alongside memories.  “The Matter of Time” will be on display throughout June.  


San Francisco based artist Ryan De La Hoz (previously covered here) recently opened his new solo show, “Impassible Terrain” at FFDG. Consisting of new mixed media works and illustration, De La Hoz’s new body of work seeks to highlight our collective experiences through antiquity and traditional iconography. Using historical references to execute this personal ideology, De La Hoz’s new show rests on impactful yet simple motifs to convey broad concepts. 

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Ryan de la Hoz’s “Impassable Terrain” at FFDG.

Opening Friday, May 29th at FFDG in San Francisco, California is artist Ryan de la Hoz’s solo show, “Impassable Terrain.”  The show will feature an assortment of cut paper works, textiles, puzzles, drawings, works on canvas and watercolors.  The multiple mixed media works are meant to portray emotions and how these things tie humans together throughout history.