Announcing LEISURE TIME, Ryan De La Hoz and Riley Payne OPENs Thursday July 18 6-9pm

Ed. Varie is pleased to present, and welcome, California based artist Ryan De La Hoz and Australian based artist Riley Payne, for a two-person show, Leisure Time, with opening reception Thursday July 18 from 6-9pm.

The exhibition Leisure Time is loosely and ironically based around the ideas and actions how we as a culture, population, modern or antiquated; spend our leisure, or extra time. De La Hoz and Payne are brought together from opposite ends of the world, not knowing what the other has been creating, and encouraged to work individually. Leisure Time is a serendipitous experiment in black and white, and color.

Ryan De La Hoz, born 1985 and is currently based in San Francisco, California. He is a former recipient of the Canson/Beautiful Decay Wet Paint Grant 2011, and his work has been published in FLJ Magazine, Tokyo; Museums Press, UK; IdN Magazine, Hong Kong; and Beautiful/Decay, US. De La Hoz has shown in select group exhibitions in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Leisure Time will be his first show at Ed. Varie and also in New York. 

Riley Payne was born 1979 in Melbourne, Australia, where he currently lives and works. Payne has exhibited widely in Australia, and has a recently published book, Mad Deep Thoughts, published by Perimeter Books. Leisure Time will be Payne’s first exhibit at Ed. Varie, and also in the United States. Payne’s project has been supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

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Ryan De La Hoz, “Impassable Terrain”
Through June 27, 2015

FFDG is pleased to present San Francisco-based artist Ryan De La Hoz in his first solo show with the gallery entitled “Impassible Terrain” including cut paper works, textiles, puzzles, drawings, works on canvas, and a watercolor painting on wood.

Through a conflation of past and present, Ryan De La Hoz utilizes periodic icons of history to visually and metaphorically excavate emotions such as apathy, fear, hope, joy, and misery. Employing a broad variety of media and objects, he analyzes our current era using ancient signifiers. Objects of antiquity reoccur in his work and take the form of hand cut paper compositions with vases and bold graphic imagery relying on Greek sculpture as a central figure. Due to his belief that collective experience ties humans together throughout history, he is able to distill broad and epic ideas through simple objects like patches and puzzles.

Highly simplistic in their aesthetic execution, the central objects and figures in De La Hoz’s works are often destroyed or teeter on the edge of ruin, evoking a sense of dissent, rather than as precious art objects. As a maker in our currently over-saturated technological environment, hand cut paper goes against the historically-weighted exquisite work of art. Highlighting this tension, he guides us through an “Impassable Terrain” through depictions of dense foliage that are both welcoming and foreboding. This overgrowth reminds us of civilizations that have crumbled under their quest for power revealing that the never-ending cycle of order always ends in chaos, revolution, and enlightenment. By conflating this time into a single image, he allows us to reflect on our current condition through our historical experiences.

De La Hoz was born in 1985 in Mission Hills, California and currently lives and works in San Francisco. He has been published by FLJ Magazine in Tokyo, Museums Press in the UK, IdN Magazine in Hong Kong, Juxtapoz Magazine and Beautiful/Decay in the US. He has also participated in solo exhibitions in San Francisco, LA and Seattle as well as group exhibitions in the United States, the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Jay Howell Piece in The Hundreds Magazine

HYPEBEAST.COM:  Artist Jay Howell has a sweet piece in the fifth installment of The Hundreds Magazine, which unveils its latest issue featuring Jessica Clark.

Dedicated to art, design and photography, the fifth issue highlights the usual The Hundreds upcoming collaborations, projects and collections, with an added focus on personalities such as Ryan de la Hoz, Alysha Nett and John Robinson. Vol. 03/Issue 01 marks a significant stride in the publication’s editorial evolution. Look for the issue to hit select retailers and The Hundreds online store over the next few weeks.


Ein Kurzportrait über den Papierkünstler Ryan de la Hoz