This is why I never tell anyone my middle name he mutters. I feel guilty for finding this so funny, but his humility finally gives me the courage to climb the rest of the stairs. “Your initials are really OMG?” I bite the inside of my cheek, forcing back the smile I don ’t want him to see.


Confess, based on the novel by Colleen Hoover, starring Ryan Cooper and Katie Leclerc

Pilot airs April 4th, 2017 on Awestruck


“I think about you every time he kisses me.” I fold it in two and slip it through the slot, not thinking twice about it. Since that moment between us in the grocery store yesterday, I can still feel him. I want to hear his voice again. I want to see his smile again. I keep telling myself that leaving this confession is just to get closure so I can move ahead with Trey, but I know it’ s for purely selfish reasons.