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Ryan Eggold on Instagram: “Two great actors were one too many on The Blacklist. Ryan and James Spader had last been at eye level and everyone filled the screen to…”
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Agreed.  I continue to watch The Blacklist but the hole left after Ryan’s departure can be felt.  The Blacklist is still a great show along with all the characters still left (Amir Arison, Hisham Tawfiq, Diego Klattenhoff, Megan Boone, Harry Lennix, and of course, James Spader, and… I can still see Tom in Seasons 1-4 and part of 5. New Amsterdam is great also!

Sharpe cannot be dead because:

Max put his life in her hands

They won’t kill her off just when she’s back to being Max’s doctor

She’s basically the female lead of the show and they can’t kill her so early into the show that could possibly get more than four seasons

I don’t know if I was the only one that noticed this but when Georgia was holding Luna, she was turned to face Helen…? But maybe I’m reading too much into that.

If I could remember correctly, the show runner said something along the lines of losing Helen is one of Max’s biggest fears…?

If Sharpe is not coming back next season, I’m sure they would have given her a bigger and more personal storyline to leave. Accidents don’t just happen in these shows you know.

She’s Helen Sharpe!!

I don’t know if I’m trying to console myself but I can’t wait to hear what y'all think about all these! I had so much more thoughts, I’ll add them when I remember.

Just Say Goodnight and Go - sweeterthankarma - New Amsterdam (TV 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Max Goodwin/Helen Sharpe
Characters: Helen Sharpe, Max Goodwin
Additional Tags: Pining, Unrequited Crush, or so Helen thinks, Introspection, Based on an Ariana Grande song

It’s become relentless, the way that Helen finds herself drawn to Max. There’s no way she can be around him and not think about touching him, about kissing him, especially when he stands so close and smells like that, like soap and aftershave and sweetness and something that can only be described as him. And he’s spent the entire day around sick patients and medicine and fluid bags, so he definitely shouldn’t smell good and Helen definitely shouldn’t be noticing how good he smells, but therein lies the problem.

Loosely based on “Goodnight and Go” by Ariana Grande.

If you enjoyed this, please let me know! Comments and kudos make my day. :)

Usually when I write song fics I use the whole song as inspiration for the entire piece, but this was a bit of a backwards process. I started writing only to realize towards the end of editing that “Goodnight and Go” was the perfect song for it. If anyone is interested in a continuation with the second verse (“one of these days, you’ll miss your train, and come stay with me / we’ll have drinks and talk about things, and any excuse to stay awake with you / and you’d sleep here, I’d sleep there / but then the heating may be down again, at my convenience / we’d be good, we’d be great together”) let me know, as I’m already brainstorming it!

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