ryan yex


i am so beyond lucky to be able to call this boy one of my best friends. he has been through so much, but he is not bitter. he is so selfless and loving and sweet, and he has made such a huge impact on millions of people, just from this video.

and one day, i know he’ll be out of that wheelchair for good. he works so hard, and i know it will pay off.

what completely blows my mind, is how much faith he has. in everything. he knows how much work he has to do, but he still has the time to text me and tell me he believes in me and knows i can get through whatever is going on. even if it’s just finishing a paper i’m working on, he’ll say “you got this, i believe in you. do work.” or something, and i’ll be drawn to tears every single time. 

hanging out with him tonight was definitely what i needed.