ryan worcester


It’s always interesting to see riders in a different scope outside of riding itself. A lot pursue video, photography and art, but in this early 2000′s video, Ryan Worcester is skiing. Which isn’t that hard to believe cause anyone has the balls to jump a pedal pick a 15 stair rail on a bike probably has the balls to jump 15 ft into the air on skis. Just a real interesting way to start a section in BMX video. 

This video is as mid school as it gets. Super 8 cut with VX. Castillo Bars. Huge sprocket. Obscure footplant maneuvers. Strange spots. Even though some of these factors have been phased out by the time this was filmed, some people can hold a timeless feel and in the end it adds all to the effect of the final product cause there is something about Castillo bars that makes everything you do just look ten times better. 

All in all, this section is really different compared to what we are used to in the present day. There is certain timeless aspect to it all, a cool factor. Sure some of the tricks have been progressed upon and aren’t necessarily really difficult or scary but if presented the right way, it stills provides for an excellent watch. I guess thats the whole artistic thing in bike riding that has always existed. That a lot of times a particular rider’s riding can’t be quantified to number of stairs, barspins, and what nots. That something is just an expression of the character itself and this section is testament to that thought.

Ryan Worcester

London Calling by The Clash


Edited by Steve Machuga