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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (5/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

It’s back! Brace yourself for dancing Bucky and Stucky awkwardness.

Need to catch up? Here’s PART 4 or IBGT Masterlist

Word count: 2.2k

Warnings: Swearing

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Bucky paraded around the building like a supermodel, leaning on all sorts of furniture, dropping pens like there’s no tomorrow, and seductively licking his lips at any man in the Tower. It wasn’t long before the news spread and all of a sudden the intel team were getting visitors’ galore. For no other reason than to ogle Bucky’s (but effectively your) body.

Oh, he was striking you where it hurt the most - if he was happy to make a bimbo out of you then two can play this game!

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PROMPT: “You think you could do better?” and “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Sequel to this winged Gavin and Ryan oneshot~

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for all your generosity and support <3 <3 <3

“It’s beautiful,” Gavin breathed, as they reached the top of the canyon.

Ryan nodded, but his eyes weren’t fixed on the rising sun and the colourful dawn sky. They were trained on the side of Gavin’s face and how his hair shimmered in the gold light, how it brought out every fleck of colour in his eyes and the dappled pattern of his wings. When Gavin turned towards him with a wide grin he quickly glanced away, cheeks heating. If Gavin noticed, he didn’t comment.

“Come on,” was all he said, and tapped Ryan’s arm before leaping forward. His wings unfurled and he swooped into the canyon in a gentle glide. Ryan stared after him, transfixed for a moment, as always, by the other Valkyrie’s fluid grace. Then he shook his cloak off and let his own wings free, leaping to join him.

They didn’t usually come out here this early.

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so i’ve mentioned how my favorite thing is fake ah crew ryan being a complete dork masquerading as a badass, right

one night like way after midnight michael wakes up to the sound of loud, steady, insistent pounding at his door, and he’s up out of bed in his pajama bottoms with a gun in his hand before he even wakes up completely

and when he gets to the door he looks through the peephole and sees the fisheye lens version of ryan standing in the hall of his apartment building wearing his skull mask and looking generally creepy and imposing

so michael opens the door and for a moment there’s just this silence with michael holding the gun loosely at his side and ryan creepily silhouetted against the lights of the hallway, jacket spattered with deep red spots

and a list of things michael is expecting ryan to say, having come to his apartment in the middle of the night without warning covered in blood:

  • i need you to help me bury a body
  • i’m on the run from the cops
  • i’ve decided to kill you and everyone you love

but this is what ryan actually says, words muffled through his mask, body language abruptly sheepish: “i forgot to pay my bills this month and they shut off my water. can i use your shower?”

michael stares, and then he nods dumbly–what else can he do?–and ryan murmurs a thanks and pushes past him into the apartment.

later, ryan haywood is sitting in michael’s living room in a towel while his bloody clothes are spinning through the wash cycle

(“do you have a pair of sweats or something i could borrow,” ryan had asked when he came out of the bathroom

“sure,” michael had replied, and had then turned around and actually looked at ryan, towel around his waist, hair dripping, bare chest still slightly wet, upon which he’d blurted, “actually, no.”

“…you don’t have any spare clothes.”

“that’s right.”

“…okay…? i’ll just…hang on to the towel until my clothes are done, then?”

“that’d be great.”)

and after some awkward silence, michael says, “you know, you can probably set your bills up to auto pay,” and ryan blinks once and breathes out an oh that seems to carry the weight of a dozen forgotten months of water bill payments, what a fucking nerd.

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A shyan prompt! Ryan gets scared during a haunted house shoot and has a panic attack and Shane has to calm him down

“Ryan?! Ryan!”

That was all Ryan could hear, swirling, disoriented voices mixed with slurred words and confusing sounds that flowed, twisted, and whirled in a cacophony of noise.

He could remember nothing, nothing at all, except the scream, the one, long sound burning a trail of fire in his brain.

He had so many questions, where was he? Who was yelling at him, and why? He could see, distantly, the blurred figure of- something, something or someone, looking at him, with a panicked look on their face, why were they so upset? If he could just stay awake long enough, he could find out why.

That was his last thought before sleep claimed him.

When he woke up again, the voices were gone. He could instead hear the low thrum of something and what sounded like the breathing and sniffles of another person. Where was he now?

An awful thought struck him, prompting him to try and open his eyes.

He had been kidnapped.

Oh god, this is what he was terrified of. Isnt this what everyone is terrifed of? Being ripped away from family, friends, life, tossed to a greasy man in a trenchcoat with holes in it who would take him to a remote warehouse, and there, torture him until his untimely death.

He made a mental note to not watch scary movies anymore.

Shut up Ryan, he thought to himself. You’re just in a car. Now think. Think! where are you?

He struggled to sit up, only to find that he was practically immobile.

He groaned to himself. How many times would he wake up, confused and disoriented, without so much as a clue as to what was going on?

Ryan went through this stage repeatedly, half awake, or as he felt, half dead. When he finally came to, he was still hearing the vibration of the engine and the breathing of the other person.

With a groan, he rolled himself to face in front of him, rather than the soft, cushioned wall he was pressed against.

He was in a car, which was a relief. He could see now that what he had been pushed against was a seat, and the breathing was coming from someone in the drivers seat. On closer investigation, he realized it was-


The driver glanced back at him, and Ryan felt all of his panic dissipate as he saw his face.

“Ryan! Are you ok?” Shane asked.

Ryan nodded, then immediately regretted doing so.

“What happened?”

Shane suddenly looked embarrassed.

“You, ah… don’t remember?”

Ryan shook his head.

“Well…” Shane shifted in his seat. “Hold tight until we get home. I’ll explain there.”

When they pulled up to the apartment building, Ryan made to get out of the car. But he was still on shaky legs, so instead of walking up to the door like he meant to, he started to topple onto the ground.

He steadied himself, and started to walk uncertainly. Seeing Ryan walk like this was painful, so after a few seconds, Shane walked to him, sung his arm around Ryans waist and scooped him up like he weighed nothing.

Ryan was too tired to complain. Shane was too tired to care who saw them.

And so they walked like that, Ryan in Shanes arms, rocking back and forth with his steps. At one point someone asked if they needed any assistance, but Shane simply shook them off with the reply “He doesnt take alcohol very well.”

Shane opened the door to his apartment, taking great care not to slam Ryans head into the door frame.

Shane laid Ryan onto the couch.

“Let me get you a glass of water, okay? Then I’ll explain.”

Ryan didnt want anything but the whole story and Shane by his side, but he didnt resist when Shane said that.

After Shane got back, he sat in front of Ryan on the tiny couch. He was sitting on Ryans feet, but Ryan was exhausted enough that he didnt care about anything in the world except for Shane. 

“So.” Shane said.

“We were obviously filming. And, we were in the, uh, house. And, um, you were kinda freaking out, well, really freaking out, and i tried to come towards you, which was a dumb move, an-and you were backing away, and you, er, fell.”

Shane coughed awkwardly.

“Down the, ah, stairs. Backwards.” He finished finished lamely.

Ryan groaned. So thats why everything hurt. But that didnt explain why he felt so dazed.

“Did I hit my head?”

“Well, um, no. But, once you’d, uh, landed, you were really freaking out. Like really freaking out. And I tried to pick you up, but you were screaming, like, screaming bloody murder. So I tried to, uh, hug you, and you kind of scratched at me,” Shane said. He held up his arm, which Ryan now noticed was covered in scratches. 

“And uh, and then, you just shrunk in the corner, so I tried to get you to see sense. And thats when you blacked out.” Shane said.

Ryan looked at Shanes arm again. It had three scratches on the wrist that were getting redder and redder by the second.

Ryan sat up, much to Shanes complaint, and took his arm in his hand.

“It’s fine, really, they should heal in a day or two, Ryan, its ok-” Shane stammered out.

Ryan was looking worse every second he stared at Shanes arm. Shane coughed. 

“We should get to sleep. Theres an extra room, or if you dont want to move, I can grab some blankets for you, or-”

“The guest room is fine. But- ah, could you- help me get there?” Ryan asked.

Shane smiled softly, and once again, scooped Ryan up as if he weighed nothing more than a puppy.

Once Shane got Ryan situated, he turned to leave. Until he heard Ryan call:


Shane turned around.

“Could you stay with me?”

Shane nodded awkwardly. Now, this doesnt mean anything. Friends share beds all the time. It doesnt mean Ryan feels about you the same way you feel about him at all.

Shane walked to the bed, and sat down on the side. To his surprise, Ryan moved over and patted the spot on the comforter next to him.

“Just get under the covers, Shane. Its fine.”

Shane got into the bed, careful not to touch Ryan and to keep his breathing under control. He was even more surprised when Ryan snuggled up against him, and insanely surprised when he slung an arm around Shanes shoulder.

Not knowing what else to do, Shane put his arm around Ryan as well, and carefully placed a kiss on Ryans forehead.

Ryans eyes fluttered open for the briefest moment, before closing them and smiling.

“G’night Shane. Sleep well bigfoot.”

Shane chuckled, too lost in the moment for words. When he finally remembered what a word was, he pressed his lips to Ryans forehead again.

“G’night Ry. Sweet dreams. Not filled with ghosts. Happy dreams.” 

i had soooooo much fun writing this, thank you for the prompt!!!

i’m v sorry that this is sHIT lmao
You’re the Only Ones that I Need                  Word Count: 1817

Evan stretched and yawned lightly. He turned to his side, expecting his arms to hit another body but he was instead met with empty blankets that were still a little warm. Of course, Ohm had already gotten up. He was probably downstairs, maybe in the kitchen, or living room. Before Evan could investigate his theory though, a warm arm draped across his side.

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14 & 20 Raywood for the ficlet thing?

Raywood – 14. first kiss + 20.breaking the rules

“Hey, Vagabond. We’ve bought you a friend.” The police officers sneered as they tossed Ray into the holding cell.

Ryan stood up, offering his hand to Ray. “You want to get out of here?” Ryan smirked, raising his eyebrow mischievously. Ray nodded, letting Ryan pull him to his feet. “Okay, just go with me here.” Before Ray could ask what he meant, Ryan had lifted him off the ground; almost instinctively Ray wrapped his legs around Ryan’s waist. Ryan kissed him, deep and passionate, yet somehow gentle. Ray pulled away.

“At least buy me dinner first, Ryan, jeez.”

Ryan shrugged, breathing heavy. “Shut up and let me kiss you,” he replied, tipping Ray’s head back to expose his neck. Ray closed his eyes, giving himself over to the sensation of Ryan’s lips on his skin. The kiss probably didn’t need to be this sloppy to get the officer’s attention, but Ray wasn’t complaining.

“Hey! Get off of each other!” One officer had stood up from his desk, and Ray could hear footsteps from the hallway, signalling that more officers would soon appear. The first officer was fumbling the key in the cell’s lock, hands shaking in anger or embarrassment, and Ryan seized his chance. He dropped Ray to his feet and threw all his weight against the cell door, trapping the officer between it and the wall. He grabbed Ray’s hand, sprinting out of the station towards the car park.

Ray had never seen Ryan this elated before, and he felt something stir in his chest as they climbed into the cop car. Ryan fiddled with the wires for a few seconds before the engine started to life, grinning at Ray as he shifted it into drive. Swept away by Ryan’s smile, Ray leaned across the seat and kissed Ryan again, genuine this time, for their eyes only. The kiss was chaste, and Ray pulled away after only a moment, aware that they were being chased.

“When we tell people how we met, that’s going to be our real first kiss.” Ray said as the pair drove away from the police station.

The Punk And The Nerd! (BrOhm)(OhmBryce)

((a anon asked me and here you go, also school au, : 3 i tried, help me ;___;  ))

it was the beginning of a cold morning. Bryce was heading to school. he was the world’s biggest nerd. a freshman. he can’t help it, it was in his blood. to some he was a goody to shoes. always doing homework. always doing good things. just your normal kid.

Bryce enters the school and went to his locker. he opens it, getting some things out and ready for class. as he got his last book. his locker was slammed shut by a hand, making him jump and turn, seeing a certain senior smirking down at him playfully. “hey Brycey~”

Ryan smirks. he was a punk. a bad boy around the school yet he’s a senior. he also went by a nickname of Ohm and known with his famous Ω symbol on his cheek. they met through, Jonathan, another freshman as Bryce but ever since that day, Ryan would always corner the smaller male, flirting with him or just loves to tease the shit out of him. this has been happening since Bryce began school some months ago.

Bryce blushes deeply, Ryan’s hands on the lockers, no chance of escape at all. “R-Ryan, please, i need to get to class” the senior smirks, leaning down, making the other blush more. “awwww why hide the feeling Brycey? also wouldn’t help to be bad wouldn’t it?” he winks.

Bryce quickly hid his face with his books. “Ryan, just go away please” he wouldn’t lie, he felt attracted to the taller male. something about Ryan made the freshman weak to his knees and heart hammering in his chest quick. “c'mon Brycey, it will be fun, also the classes are annoying”

“only to you but not to me” Bryce stated, finally looking up at him. big mistake. because now he was staring into those eyes. those hazel brown eyes. he felt lost, trying to look away. Ryan held his stare, smug smirk. “look Brycey, admit it, you really like me don’t you?” he purrs.

before Bryce could said anything back, the bell rings. he quickly got passed the senior and quickly walked off, blushing mess. Ryan watches him leave and signs. he will get his freshman to be his. he decided to walk around, probably will get detention but whatever.

after some classes, Bryce was heading home. he got his things ready to go home and shut his locker door. he signs, blushes, thinking about this morning. how in the heck did he had to fall so hard? especially for a bad boy senior which was sexy as hell. he wanted to slap himself in the face for that.

he walked outside, his backpack on his shoulder. he looks around, looking for his friends, Jonathan or Minx, they normally walk home with him. but then he bumped into someone, making him step back quickly. “what the hell’s the happen with you?” a jockey on the football team glares at him.

“s-sorry i didn’t mean to-” Bryce tried to retreat but the jockey held him by the shoulder quickly, causing him to whimper loudly. “louder geek” the jockey was very pissed, smirking. “give me one reason not to beat your shitty face in? HUH?” he shook the smaller male, causing him to cry out to the grip on his shoulder tightening.

“HEY!” when the jockey turn around, he wasn’t fast enough to dodge a fist hitting him very hard in the face, knocking him to the ground, making him release Bryce. Bryce held his shoulder in pain. when he looked up, he saw a very pissed off Ryan, glaring coldly at the jockey.

the jockey got to his feet and glares. “what the hell do you want Ohm? can’t you see i was going to teach that nerd a reason of watching where he’s going” the jockey glares at Bryce but Ryan punches the jockey again. people surrounded them as Ryan was beating the shit out of the jockey.

“RYAN STOP!” Bryce shouted, grabbing the taller male from behind, his arms tightly around his waist, his eyes shut tightly. “please….stop” he spoke softly, teary eyes. Ryan pants hard, his knuckles bruised now. he signs, looking over his shoulder at the freshman and calm down.

Ryan grabs his hand, pulling him with him as another boy went to help the bloody jockey off the ground. Bryce was hurrying to catch up with Ryan, who was still pulling him down the streets. after a minute, they stopped at a park where Ryan signs and sits on a bench.

Bryce watches, frowns as he also sits. he looks over at the senior, seeing him watching the ground. hesitantly, he slowly reaches his hand up and places it on the other’s shoulder. “y-you okay?” he managed to said without stuttering. Ryan looks over at him and watches him, making him nervous. “R-Ryan?”

Ryan gently took his hand and held it gently, making Bryce blush to this. Ryan signs, nuzzles his face against the soft hand. “sorry….” the freshman was surprised. then he gently reaches out, hugging the taller male close. “don’t be. thank you” he held him close.

Ryan was surprised by the hug but he slowly hugs back, his arms around the other’s waist. they stay like that for some time. “you okay now?” Bryce asked. Ryan slowly nods. “yeah” then the freshman realize, the other’s face was against his neck and his neck was super sensitive.

Bryce slowly pulls back, or tried to, but Ryan still held his waist as he nuzzles his neck. Bryce blushes deeply. “R-Ryan, you can let go now” he whimpers cutely, feeling the taller male’s hot breath against his neck. “i don’t want to” he spoke softly, his lips inches from his neck but it felt like feathers against his neck.

the smaller male shuts his eyes tightly, his hands now holding onto his shoulders, blushing mess. he felt the senior pull back but still held his waist. “Brycey, open your eyes” Ryan whispers. “look at me” the way Ryan spoke in that gentle, sweet voice. the other slowly opened his eyes, blushing mess.

“fuck, you have no idea how adorable you are right now i could just kiss you” Ryan stated, blushing also. it was clear he had a light pink color to his cheeks while Bryce’s cheeks were painted red. he was shocked to hear this. he felt his heart going quickly in his chest, ramming against his ribs.

but Bryce saw Ryan standing up after releasing him. “never mind, anyway its a school day tomorrow, you should head home” Ryan spoke, starting to walk off. Bryce watches him walk. then he felt his body acted on his own, quickly getting up and rushes over, hugging the senior from behind.

“d-don’t go…..please” Bryce spoke softly, blushing mess, his hands gripping the front of the other’s shirt, holding onto him for dear life. Ryan was very surprised by this. then he gently held the freshman’s hands. “Bryce….if you don’t leave now, i will do something to make you un-comfy right now”

Bryce, determinate, walks in front of the bad boy and looks upwards at him. “then do it….because if you don’t, i will” Ryan growls softly, his hands gripping the other’s shoulder. the freshman felt a sting in his shoulder where the jockey had grabbed him but he ignored it.

Ryan slowly leans down, blushes softly. Bryce blushes, also leaning in slowly. Ryan decided to be a tease and stop just above Bryce’s lips, making the other whimper impatiently. “j-just kiss me” Bryce spoke out, standing on his tip toes now and that did it for Ryan.

he smashes their lips together in a gentle but very passionate kiss. Bryce slowly closes his eyes, his arms finding around the other’s neck as the senior held his waist more to his hips. Ryan gently moves his lips with his freshman, holding him close. Bryce made a soft moaning noise into the kiss.

he froze, hoping the other didn’t hear that. but he had no lock as he felt the taller male smirk. then Bryce felt something wet and very hot run across his lips. he shudders, gasp as he opens his mouth. Ryan’s tongue slowly slips into his mouth, tangling with his. their tongues wrestling each other as Bryce moans softly.

slowly they broke the long kissing, panting, mouths open, saliva connecting their tongues as they stare into each other’s eyes, both blushing deeply. Ryan then leans in and whispers against his ear. ‘i love you Bryce. i really do" he held him close. the smaller male blushes, slowly hugging his senior back. “i love you too Ryan” his forehead against his shoulder, both holding each other close.

“want to go out with me?” Ryan asked, looking into his eyes. Bryce blushes and smiles, he could get lost forever in those eyes. “sure” the senior grins. “good because i wasn’t going to leave you alone until you said yes. but then again i never leave you alone” the freshman giggles to this softly.

they looked at each other, leaning in for another kiss when a voice screams out to them “BRYCE MCQUAID, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!?!” the couple jumped to Jonathan’s voice screaming, looking for his friend. Bryce blushes deeply as he stutters. “i-i-i got to go” he blushes.

Ryan still held his hips as he smirks. “well i guess Jonny’s going to have to wait” Bryce gave a nervous laugh. “you know how he gets” Jonathan was like a mother hen if you picture it. Bryce frowns. “i should go before he starts a scene” Ryan chuckles. “didn’t he already just now?”

the senior slowly releases him. Bryce gave him a quick kiss to the cheek and runs off quickly to his angry friend, wondering where he had disappeared to and leaving him and Minx standing by their meet place. Bryce blushes, saying a excuse of seeing something, not telling them really that he was really making out with Ryan. he headed home with his friends, Ryan watching his freshman go as he smirks, doing a happy cheer that he got his Brycey now.

the next day, Bryce was walking to school with Jonathan, Minx and Evan. they were just chatting up a storm. Bryce wasn’t listening, his mind in the cloud. “hey, isn’t that Ohm?” Minx stated, everyone even Bryce looked. sure enough, Ryan was standing by the gate of the school, waiting.

“hey Brycey~” Ryan smirks. Bryce blushes and smiles, walking over, earning confused looks from his friends. “hello to you too Mr. Ohmwrecker” Ryan chuckles. “ready?” the other nods. “yeah” they slowly walked in, Ryan’s arms around the smaller male’s shoulder. Bryce head against the taller male’s shoulder, blushing deeply as they walked.
Jonathan, Evan and Minx, still staying there, confused. they looked at each other. “did we fucking missed something?” Jonathan asked and Evan shrugs. “i don’t know”

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If you're still accepting requests, I've got a prompt for you. Ryan overhears Shane singing in the shower one time and ever since bugs Shane to sing for him nonstop. It isn't till sometime later when they're dancing together does Shane decide to sing for him in that moment. And it's a really intimate scene because Ryan knows just how much Shane hates singing.


Okay so this could be seen as a sequel of sorts to my one shot Grim Grinning Ghosts. It’s set in the future, they’re filming like a future season of Buzzfeed Unsolved idk, and it’s an established relationship! (cringe) 

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How You Sleep Together

Motionless In White Preferences

Chris: you lay with your back to Chris and he wraps his strong, tattooed arms around you protectively

Ricky: you sleep facing each other, Ricky’s arms around you and your hands on his chest

Devin: you sleep with your face buried in Devin’s chest as he strokes your hair

Balz: he lays on his back and you lay your head on his chest, wrapping your arm around his waist

Ryan: you and Ryan sleep with your legs tangled together and you both hold hands

Vinny: he is the messiest sleeper ever, so you both somehow end up laying on each other in some weird way

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Hello, I was wondering if you'd be able to write a 3848 fic, somewhere alongs the lines of the two realizing they have feelings for eachother? Thanks! :)

if you were looking for more feelings, then don’t worry, I have a longer fic with feelings in the works of these idiots, but in the meantime, here’s a combo of your prompt and CJ’s rude attack on me:

@duncanjameskeith: write me something about hartzy smooching on those tats 👀

Ryan hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of it. The way the numbers bend every time Vinnie moves, how they’re splayed over his ribs, how they trail down to his waist.

“Ryan!” Nick yells before snapping his fingers in Ryan’s face. He tears his eyes away from Vinnie’s tattoo and looks up to see Nick hovering near his locker.

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A Ryan Sitkowski Imagine

Word Count: 1,755

Warnings: language, dominant smut

You and Ryan were leaving soon to go to a party. You had just finished doing your hair and makeup. You were wearing a tight, black dress with matching heels and dark makeup. Your dress showed a little bit of cleavage and really showed off your figure. When you were ready, you walked downstairs where Ryan was waiting. His eyes roamed your body hungrily, spending a few extra seconds to stare at your chest.

“You look really hot, Y/N.” Ryan says, putting his hands on your hips.

Ryan smirked and kissed you passionately. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Ryan slips his tongue into your mouth and you let out a quiet moan. Ryan’s hands eventually travel down to your ass, squeezing it. You remember the party and push Ryan away from you. At first he looks confused, then pissed off. You laugh at Ryan before explaining.

“We have to go now, we’re gonna be late for the party.” You tell him.

“Who cares if we’re gonna be late. I think we can spend a little more time here.” Ryan says, the lust in his eyes prominent.

Ryan grabbed your waist, pulling you close to him once again. You kissed him back when he smashed his lips onto yours. You smirked into the kiss. Ryan was suddenly very turned on, it must have been the dress. You pushed Ryan off of you once again. You grabbed your jacket and walked towards the door, ready to leave.

“Come on, Y/N.” Ryan says. You could just hear his irritation, his need for you.

“You come on, Ryan. We’re gonna be late.” You say, walking out the door and getting into the car.

Ryan followed you quietly after a few moments. He said nothing to you as he got into the drivers seat of the car. You had just brushed off Ryan’s anger, you assumed that everything would be fine later on. You two drove in silence for a while, then you decided to talk to Ryan before you both got there. You decided to ask him something simple, purely to break the ice.

“The rest of Motionless in White are coming to the party, right?” You ask.

No response. You looked over at Ryan, thinking that maybe he was distracted or just didn’t hear you. His eyes were glued to the road, his hands gripping the steering wheel firmly. You bit your lip, wondering if you should ask again. You waited a few seconds, then asked him again.

“Ryan? The rest of the band is coming to the party, right?” You ask, your voice louder this time.

Still no response. Now you were getting irritated. Was Ryan really going to give you the silent treatment? How childish, you thought. You scoffed, loud enough for Ryan to hear, and turned to look in the opposite direction. You stared out of your window, not daring to look back in Ryan’s direction for the rest of the ride. When you arrived at the house of the party, you both walked side by side. You didn’t hold hands, but at least Ryan didn’t isolate you.

You found the rest of Motionless in White in a busy room with a large seating area. You and Ryan walked over to the couch they were sitting on and sat with them. You both sat on the opposite sides of the couch. It was painfully obvious that you two were angry with each other. The guys gave you and Ryan questioning looks, trying to get an explanation.

“Well…you guys look like you’re ready to kill each other. What happened?” Chris asks.

Ryan said nothing, sighing and turning to glance at the other partygoers. You all sat quietly, the only sound being the party music blaring through the speakers. After a few moments, Ryan gets up and leaves without another word. Your eyes follow him as he storms out of the room. You were outraged, how dare he leave you like that?

“What is up with you two?” Ricky asks you, taken aback by the way you two were acting. 

“Ryan’s just pissed off. He started getting handsy with me before we left and I made us leave. We would have been late to the party otherwise.” You explain.

The guys laugh a little, which only makes you more angry. You sighed and leaned back in your seat, an irritated expression on your face.

“Hey, look, we’re sorry. Why don’t you just apologize to him?” Chris asks you, his hand on your shoulder.

“Apologize for what? I did absolutely nothing wrong.” You say.

“You’re both being childish, just go talk to him!” Devin says.

“Fine. I’ll catch you guys later.” You say, getting up from the couch.

The guys tell you goodbye and you walk out of the room. You are immediately swallowed into a large crowd of people. How am I supposed to find Ryan in this mess? You searched and searched for Ryan, eventually finding him in a smaller room on the opposite side of the house. The strong scent of alcohol and cigarettes filled the air. Ryan was in the corner of the room talking to a girl with short purple hair.

You watched as the girl touched Ryan’s chest, obviously flirting with him. Anger and hatred rose within you. You decided to go confront Ryan, but someone stopped you before you could. It was a man with wavy brown hair, he slightly taller than you. He asked if you wanted to dance and you stopped to think. Maybe I should give Ryan a taste of his own medicine, you thought. Smirking, you accepted the man’s offer.

You lead your mystery man closer to where Ryan was, then you began to dance. After a few minutes Ryan still hadn’t noticed you yet, so you decided to turn it up a notch. You turned around and started grinding against your dance partner. You eventually got into it, closing your eyes and swaying to the music. You felt the mans hands gripping your waist, but you didn’t care. It would make Ryan even more angry when he saw you, which was exactly what you wanted.

After a few minutes of dancing, Ryan finally noticed you. Your eyes were still closed when you felt Ryan literally pull your dance partner off of you. You quickly opened your eyes and turned around to see Ryan staring him down. After a few seconds Ryan turned and grabbed you, escorting you out of the house. You two got back in Ryan’s car and he drove you both back home.

Once you were home, you quietly followed Ryan into the house. You prepared yourself for a nasty argument once you both got inside, but what actually happened was unexpected. Once the door shut behind you both, Ryan pushed you against it. You gasped at the sudden movement as Ryan pinned your wrists on either side of your head. He simply stared into your eyes, his own eyes lustful and eager. Your heart beat at a fast pace.

“You think you can just fool around with whoever the fuck you want, Y/N?” Ryan asks, his voice demanding.

“Yeah, I do. I can do whatever the fuck I want with whoever the fuck I want. You’re not the boss of me, Ryan.” You snap.

Ryan’s grip tightened on your wrists, turning you on. Your adrenaline was pumping and you were needy now as well. You wanted Ryan to completely dominate you.

“Bullshit Y/N, you know I’m the fucking boss around here.” Ryan says.

“Then fucking prove it, Ryan.” You say, your face inches away from Ryan’s.

Ryan instantly picked you up, carrying you into the bedroom. He got in, put you down and slammed the door shut. You were so aroused, you didn’t want to wait any longer. Ryan grabbed you again and smashed his lips onto yours. Your hands were on his chest, roughly tugging on his shirt, pulling him even closer to you. Ryan’s hands roamed your body, stripping you of all of your clothes.

“On the bed, ass up.” Ryan tells you.

You quickly obey him, biting your lip as you position yourself on the bed. You were already dripping wet and the anticipation was killing you. You knew what was coming. You heard Ryan tossing his clothes to the ground, then his hand came down on your ass. You gasped and harshly bit your lip. Your breathing hitched as his hand came down on you again. Again. You let out a low moan and Ryan pushed you down flat on the bed.

“No way. You are not enjoying this. Tonight is my fucking night, I’ll show you that I’m the fucking boss.” Ryan said.

The tone of Ryan’s voice turned you on so much. You wanted to touch him so bad, to pull on his hair and scream his name. Ryan instructed you to bend over onto the bed, then he pounded into you from behind. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as the pleasure came over you. You yelped as Ryan spanked you again, the sudden pleasure startling you. You leaned your head back to Ryan, who placed his hand on your neck.

Ryan whispered dirty things into your ear as he pounded into you. He told you not to make a sound, his voice gruff and masculine. You came closer to your orgasm and your moans were much harder to keep in. Ryan’s cock twitched inside of you, signaling that his orgasm was close. You mentally sighed in relief, you knew you couldn’t stay quiet for much longer.

Ryan suddenly moaned loudly, seconds away from cumming. You were close too and you had managed to stay fairly quiet the entire time. Seconds later, Ryan came, setting you off as well. You both came simultaneously, the pleasure overwhelming.

“Fucking scream my name!” Ryan yelled.

You screamed, moaned and swore, letting all of your sounds out that you had been holding in. You screamed Ryan’s name louder than you ever had before, your voice hoarse and cracking. Ryan sucked on your neck, thrusting into you a few more times before pulling out of you. You both collapsed onto the bed, laying across from each other. You apologized to Ryan and you both made up. You both had agreed that it had all turned out great and that the sex was well worth the argument. You two laughed and cuddled together, falling asleep minutes later.