ryan waiste

How You Sleep Together

Motionless In White Preferences

Chris: you lay with your back to Chris and he wraps his strong, tattooed arms around you protectively

Ricky: you sleep facing each other, Ricky’s arms around you and your hands on his chest

Devin: you sleep with your face buried in Devin’s chest as he strokes your hair

Balz: he lays on his back and you lay your head on his chest, wrapping your arm around his waist

Ryan: you and Ryan sleep with your legs tangled together and you both hold hands

Vinny: he is the messiest sleeper ever, so you both somehow end up laying on each other in some weird way

I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit and wrote a Hartzy/Vinnie fic with background 1988 (also posted on AO3)

The slow buzzing of the heater kicks in as Ryan tucks his face further into Vinnie’s neck. “Finally,” he mutters against his skin. “I’m freezing.”

Vinnie tightens his hold on Ryan’s waist and places a light kiss on his forehead.

They’ve been cuddling in their hotel room for the better part of an hour now. They’re trying to kill time until they have to head over to the MTS Centre for their game.

“I totally caught Kaner staring at Jonny’s ass after practice,” Ryan says.

Vinnie chuckles. “Nice.”

“They have a thing, I just know it,” Ryan says.

Vinnie groans. “Not this again, Ry.”

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