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Things that Make My Heart Melt in Achievement Hunter Videos

-Gavin asking Geoff or Michael if he did good
-Someone coming to the rescue
-Ryan helping Gavin understand something
-Geoff talking about the boys like they’re his kids
-Anyone sticking up for Gavin when he’s right
-Geoff being emotional about little girls because of Millie
-Someone congratulating someone else on a good shot/move
-Jeremy being patient with Gavin and helping him instead of getting angry
-Michael and Gavin calling each other “boi”
-Anyone sacrificing themselves for someone else

anonymous asked:

What made you choose to have Ryan and his brother live in Albany NY??? That's really close to where I live and I hardly ever see it referenced in stuff

  1. wELL mostly bc I lived in Albany when I was a small kid and that was when i started thinking up this story when it was nothing more than scraps of ideas and startgazing
  2. i knew that a lot of ppl tended to make Albany their home when first coming into the U.S or at least thats what my fam told me so it kinda stuck

Bonus bc Ryan and this:

this little birb has been w/ him since i first made this story im so glad she finally makes an appearance ahh now u can all revel in ryans love for all feathered friends