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So. Should I do some writing for the actors in Sons of Anarchy? People like Theo Rossi,Tommy Flanagan,Charlie Hunnam, David Labrava, Ryan Hurst and Kenny Johnson…? I really want to. I just dont know if anyone would read em…

Hot for the teacher

Imagine you’re Abel’s (age 5) teacher and meet Jax for the first time. 

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Abel Teller was a bright kid. He was, by far, one of your best students. Creative, calm, he listened to every word you said and did his homework; That’s why you were very interested in finally meeting Mr. Teller this afternoon at the PTA reunion. You knew that Abel’s mom, Dr. Knowles had passed away a few months ago, and you also knew about his peculiar family, including his “association” with the MC Sons of Anarchy. You figured out, Abel lived a pretty rushed life for his age. 

Jax Teller was a legend in Charming. You find yourself asking about him at the school principal’s office only to be told that you “wouldn’t want to mess with him or his kids”  but you also heard a few of the oldest students saying that “he was dreamy and such a bad boy” , which got you quite interested in Abel’s ghost dad.  You never saw him in any meeting, or event at school, even last Christmas Talent show he wasn’t there when Abel class showed his number of “Rudolph the red nose reindeer”. Tara was there, along with Gemma and Thomas, but Jax was nowhere to be seen. You, being an outsider, coming from a pretty normal family from Stockton only knew Jax’s basics. 

When you decided to send the letter to Abel’s family, asking kindly to meet Jackson Teller, you didn’t thought he would show up. You’ve done this before, only to be found with either Gemma  or Chibs, who you’ve got to known since he was the one that showed up most of the times. 

“Class, dismissed.” You said to all your toddlers, showing them a smile and waving them off, to the sound of laughter and screaming coming from the cheerful kids. You started to gather around your things in your bag when you saw the cute little blonde dragging his feet over to your desk, the still closed letter in his tiny hands. You sighed and showed him a smile. He didn’t even opened it. You thought to yourself, as you smiled down at Abel, messing up his hair a little. “What’s wrong, Abel?” 

“My daddy said “Abel, give this back to your teacher.” 

You nodded and grabbed his hand, leading both of you out of the classroom and to the school entrance. 

“Well…” you said smiling softly at him, waiting for either Gemma’s van or the Harley that was going to pick up Abel today. “I hope i get to meet your Daddy soon…”

“If you believe in miracles, Miss.” You heard in front of you, followed by a cheerful scream of Abel and him letting go off your hand, dropping his backpack and lunch box and running towards the blonde man in a SAMCRO kutte, the “President” patch over his chest. 

He picked Abel up and lifted him up. You could recognize Chibs behind him, quick to caress Abel’s cheek and smile at him. 

“Excuse me?” You said, walking closer, handing Abel’s stuff to Chibs, behind the mysterious man. “Hi, Filip.”

“Hello, Mrs. (Y/L/N)…” the thick accent made you smile. 

“Jackson Teller.” Jax said putting out his hand for you to shake, which you did, gladly. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Abel’s teacher.” As you shook his hand you couldn’t help but notice how much alike the kid and his father were. Same kind, yet fierce look and charming little smile. “I’ve been looking forward to meet you”

“Worse than the ATF, that’s for sure…” Chibs said without thinking too much of it. 

“Beg your pardon?” Raising an eyebrown you saw the death look Jax shooted to Chibs, motioning for him to take Abel in his arms and walk away. 

“Goodbye, Mrs. (Y/L/N)” the child waved and smiled at you. You smiled back and waved too. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Abel.” You looked at Jax again. He crossed his arms and leaned himself on the school wall. 

“Abel’s been coming home with a shit load of letters, Mrs.(Y/L/N).” He started. “You see. I’m a busy man, but i take notice of that.” You smiled, already loving the charm of the young Dad in front of you. 

He felt around his pocket, only to find he had forgot his lighter. 

“You smoke, Miss?”  He asked, and you already knew what he wanted. You nodded and grabbed your pink lighter handing it to him He smirked at it, making you blush a little and lighted up a quick cigarette, turning around to see Abel, being chased by Chibs. “He’s in good hands. I don’t want Child Services on my ass.”

“Oh, god, no.” You were quick to say, putting a strand of hair that fell out of your bun back in place. “I wansn’t…” You closed your eyes, after admiring his famous smirk. “I’m sorry if i scared you, Mr. Teller. I just wanted to say and point how brilliant Abel is, he’s still so vibrant and creative, and i thought…well…” 

“Yeah, Little Man is quite a case, isn’t it?” He took a drag of the cigarrete and stomp on it.  “I’ll make sure he knows he’s awesome. We all know that, right?” He winked at you and you felt your knees almost give in. You smiled down,hugging yourself and licking your lips. 

“I better get going.” You noticed how his eyes traveled up and down your body, making no effort in hiding it. 

“Of course. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Teller.”

“Jax.” He said grabbing your hand and kissing it slightly. “In case you want to find me later; Abel goes to bed at 8 PM.” He joked and winked starting to walk away, finding in your hand the lighter. “What a good father i am, right?” 

You laughed a little, and holded yourself together, watching him walk away, and ride away with Chibs and Abel who still waved goodbye to you. 

Looking down at your hands, you would see your pink lighter, wrapped in a TM promotional paper; Jax’s number on it. 


“Where the hell are you three going?”

You and your two amigos stopped dead in your tracks, not even getting a full step out of the clubhouse when you saw your older brother sitting on the wooden picnic table, practically waiting for the three of you.

“Happy,” you mischievously smiled, “when did you get in?”

“Brother,” both Opie and Jax greeted in unison as they stepped around you to embrace their Tacoma brother.

“Just now,” Happy replied to your question as he greeted  the young Jax and Opie.
“You three headed somewhere?”

Jax took a glance from you to Opie, “Just goin’ out for a ride.”

Opie chuckled, you smirked, and Happy squinted down at you.
“Oh really? Just for a ride?”

The three of you smiled big, “Yup,” you all sang.

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“Build a fort with us,” Jax and Opie cheesed as they plopped down on the couch, you being squished between them.

“No,” you blantly replied, continuing your attention to your book.

“Build a fort with us,” they repeated.

Their faces so close to either side of you that out of your peripheral you could see the giant grins.

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I’m coming home

Imagine you’re Tig’s old Lady and you come back home from a rough day at work; He comforts you. 

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Another knock on the bathroom door and you were sure you couldn’t hold in your sobs any longer.

“Jesus fuck! Hurry up! I’m peeing my pants here!” The lady on the other side of the door yelled, making you put both of your hands on your mouth to avoid her to hear your sobs. A frustrated sigh later, you heard her heels cackling away, leaving you alone again.u

You stared at the window, mascara all over your cheeks down and your hair a mess from grabbing it too hard, with your phone in your hands you were thinking about if it was or not a good idea to call your old man Tig and ask him to pick you up from work early.

You worked in a law firm, and Tig knew how important this job was for you, so he never showed around unless it was an emergency, not wanting to stain your good image with all his leather and his patches. This particular week, your boss was being an asshole to you and only you. Calling you names, remarking your dumbness and yelling at you. She was driving you crazy, until you broke down in the middle of the bathroom. 

That’s when you called him;  Him picking up after two tones.

“Hey, sweetheart.” He answered. “What’s wrong?”

“Alex…” you sniffled, telling him all about him. He wanted to pick you up the second he heard you were crying, but you knew your boss wouldn’t let you, so the call ended saying you would be home in a few hours and asked him if he could spend the evening with you. 

You drove out of the firm and into your house as fast as you could without getting your ass to jail. Parking your car, you saw Tig’s bike and smiled a little, the faint hope that this day could get better. Tig opened the door, probably hearing your car park and smiled at you, walking over to met you when you jumped into his arms, wrapping yours around his neck, resting your back and soul. 

“Hey, baby.” He whispered and kissed your hair, running a hand softly through it.

“Hi…” you trailed off. 

“Lets get you inside.” He smiled at you, and walked inside hand in hand. The second you walked in you smelled the delicious smell of roast beef and saw the most perfect apple pie sitting on the table. You turned around, taking off your heels and smiling at him. 

“What’s all this?” You said removing your blazed and jewerly. 

“Bobby made the pie. I’m working on the rest of the food.” He said, hands on his hips, his blue eyes staring down at you. “Go take a bath, and then come down, alright?” He said wrapping his arms around sliding them down to your ass, massaging it; smirking and making you arch your back. You sighed, pleased and slowly nodded. “I’ve got plans for you.”

“Alright, Mr. Tragger.” You said kissing him slowly and making your way upstairs, where you found new bath bombs and the water already running. Spilling actually. You rolled your eyes and turned off the bath, smiling as you got rid of your clothes and getting into it. 

Half an hour later, you were out in your sports bra and jogging shorts, walking downstairs, almost crying when you saw the table served and Tig already sited, reading the news paper. He looked up at you and smiled, watching you sit down next to him. 

“It looks amazing.”

“I hope it tastes amazing too. Gemma gave me the recipe.” He sighed and smiled. “Well, dig in.” 

You both ate in a peacefully silence and enjoyed your food. Bobby’s pie was out of this world, as usual. With your belly full and pleased you got up, Tig following behind you, hands in the small of your back. You both lie down on the couch, you on top of him, your legs intertwined as you could breath again. He started to caress your hair and that’s when you spilled everything out.

You told Tig how much of a bitch your boss was being lately, and how she took any chance to make fun or you or embarrass you. Your coworkers noticed yet they didn’t do much about, out of fear of getting fired. You told him how much you thought working in the firm was a mistake and that you wished you could be a stay at home old lady. He shook his head.

“You’re a good lawyer, (Y/N).” He started. “You’ve staved my ass a lot of times in the past” Soft kisses on your temple started to rain on you, making you smile and cuddle tighter against your old man’s chest. “You’re a great woman, an amazing old lady, and you’re talented and capable and God, so hot.” He joked, even thought he really meant it. “Don’t let her get you down. You worked your perfect ass off to get there and that tight bitch is not gonna bring you down. You heard me?” 

You growled in response, sleep making your eyes heavy.

Tig spanked your ass, making you gasp and laugh. “I asked you a question” he joked. 

You giggled and started wiggling in his arms, making both of you fall off the couch. “Oh, i love you Alex.” You said kissing his chest and looking up at him. He stared down at you and kissed your nose, caressing your cheek. 

“I love you.” 

You spent the rest of the night cuddling in bed, talking about a lot of things. Deep down you knew you could have the worst day ever, but coming back home to a loving old man was all you needed to feel blessed.