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How Do you feel about Edmonton- Ryan Strome

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Y/N sat on her balcony reading her book drink right beside her sunglasses on she was enjoying herself. Ryan had taken her to Florida on her week off work and since his season had come to an end. She was happy with the quiet but Ryan had gotten a phone call and had to step out. He still had to come back as much as she enjoyed the quiet she loved her husband talking to her non stop.  So she sighed closed her book she had yet to finish she got up from her seat and made her way into the hotel room. she went into the bedroom and saw Ryan had just set his phone down.

“Everything okay honey?” Y/N asked as she walked to her husband

“yeah everything’s fine.” he pulled her into and hug and kiss her head

“How about we go for a walk on the beach than dinner?”

Y/N smiled before kissing Ryan

“Sounds good to me.”

Y/N made her way to where she had set her clothes and picked out a nice light pink tank top and some jean shorts and made she she had her sandals. She throw her messy hair up into a bun and made her way to the door. Ryan stood there and smiled at his wife he had his swimming trunk one with a t shirt on. The two made their way out of their hotel and to the beach just a crossed the street. When they got their they walked hand and hand down the beach by the water. Ryan smiled as Y/N laughed at a joke he told her as they walked but Y/N came to a stop and took her top off to show her swimsuit her shorts followed and she ran into the water.


Ryan smirked before throwing his shirt off and going into the water after his wife.

“Ryan don’t you dare!” Y/N said as she felt Ryan pick her up

“Ryan Strome I swear if he throw me.”

but it was too late Ryan throw her and she went right under the water hair and all. Y/N came back up

“Ryan now I have to deal with my mop I call hair.”

“Well I think your so called mop is beautiful.”

“Well tomorrow morning when I am trying to brush it is not going to be beautiful and that is on you.” Y/N said as she poked his chest

Ryan laughed making Y/n Smile

soon the two got out of the water realizing they didn’t bring any towels   so they ended up walking dripping wet back to their room. Lets just say the hotel manager wasn’t too happy about the wet floors.

“Go get ready babe we are going out somewhere nice tonight.”

“Oh really.”


“So pizza right!” Y/n asked with a laugh

“Not tonight tomorrow night I promise.”

Y/n just smiled nodded and kissed Ryan cheek before going to have a shower and get ready. Ryan sighed as his thoughts went to why he had gotten a phone call this morning he was traded. traded to the Edmonton Oilers not that they are a bad team he loved Connor he was like another little brother to him. But he knew Y/N loved New York and that’s where her job was at the children’s hospital. So would she want to move out to Edmonton all her friends were in New york her life was there. Would she leave it all behind to come with him?

Later that night Y/n could tell something was bugging Ryan he seemed off all dinner.

“Ryan what’s wrong?”

“Hmm nothing wrong what makes you think that?”

“I know something wrong you not making any really stupid bad jokes.”

“HEY my jokes aren’t that bad.”

“That’s not the point Ryan tell me what’s wrong maybe I can help.”

Ryan sighed as he took Y/N hands in his own he looked to the rings on both their finger’s they had been married last summer. and he didn’t want to lose it

“Ryan I can’t help if you don’t tell me.”

“How do you feel about Edmonton?”

“Edmonton well Connor there and Connor’s a good friend he’s pretty much a little brother to the both of us so I like it there I guess.”

“You guess.”

“Yeah … why are you asking Ryan?’

“I’ve been traded to Edmonton.”

Ryan stopped playing with her finger’s only for her to take his hands in hers

“I know.”

“WAIT what?”

“I have social media Ryan you know this and I follow the Islanders because of you and it was on there this morning.”

he nodded

“Ryan it’s fine we are moving to Edmonton, I will ask for new job at the children’s hospital there and we know people there and it’s pretty there, how about instead of going back to New York we go there and look for houses

“You’re okay with moving, you love new York Y/N.”

“But I love you Ryan and that all that matter to me.”

Ryan smiled at his wife before leaning over the table and giving her a kiss.

  • Oilers: What do we have to do to get you to sign a contract extension?
  • Connor McDavid: Get me Strome.
  • Oilers: Done.
  • Connor McDavid: *looking at Ryan Strome* No, wait.

Y'all can compare stats and points from last season, but the whole problem was that Ebs wasn’t growing as a player like the Oilers needed him to. I believe that he needed a change and I really hope that this change also helps Ryan Strome out too. Not that the Islanders weren’t good but sometimes with McDavid on your team, you just do a bit better. Ryan can ask Dylan all about that


To Carolina Hurricanes

D Trevor van Riemsdyk

2017 7th round pick

To Vegas Golden Knights

2017 2nd round pick

To New York Islanders

F Jordan Eberle

To Edmonton Oilers

F Ryan Strome

To Montréal Canadiens

D David Schlemko

To Vegas Golden Knights

2019 5th round pick

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