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I’m a Fan Now- Ryan Strome

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(Why does he look so good and his brother looks dead??)

Omg I had so much fun with this request so anon, I really hope you like this one (and that you’re still reading XD)! Enjoy guys!

Warning: I think a few curse words

Anon Request: Ahhhh I love your blog so much!!! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a giant rangers fan but becomes friends with an ny islander (Ryan strome maybe?) during the off season and doesn’t realize what he does/ who he plays for until the season starts? I love your writing so much that I get phone alerts when you post stuff and read it immediately 😉😉


              “Ryan” you laughed as he cannonballed into the pool, splashing you. “You jerk!”

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Ryan Strome #1 - Family Ties

Anon asked: hi there! I was wondering if you could write a Ryan strome or Anders lee one? Thanks :))

This one is much more angst filled than I originally planned so sorry anon if that isn’t your thing. I chose Ryan Strome so that I could include my beloved Dylan Strome. I might make a part two for this even if it is for myself so that there is some closure. I have no problem with broad requests, it gives me more free reign of course but when you give me that much power I essentially abuse it. I hope you enjoy this angsty, emotional rollercoaster! 

Growing up you and Dylan Strome had been best friends. It was hard to stay in touch after he was drafted and you moved to New York for college but somehow you managed. As a result, you didn’t get to see each other often but it made the reunions back home all the better. This time you were nervous to see Dylan, though you spoke nearly every night there was something you had yet to tell him. Despite the constant contact and the infinite chances you had he didn’t know you had a boyfriend. It wasn’t that you thought he would disapprove; it was because you knew he would disapprove. Your boyfriend of over a year was none other than Ryan Strome: Dylan’s older brother.

You hadn’t known Ryan well growing up because he was three years older and had been drafted just as you and Dylan entered high school. When their mother caught wind of you attending college in New York she put you in contact with Ryan so you’d have a familiar face. You two hit it off instantly and he soon became a very close friend. Dylan joked with you about not falling for his brother and he threated his brother to not make a move on you but it couldn’t be helped. Six months after your initial meeting Ryan asked you out and you had been together since.

The two of you would be traveling together on your trip home and after a long discussion decided it was time that Dylan knew. The two of you were planning to take a cab back to the Strome’s home since it was across the street from yours but the whooping hockey player at the gate stopped you in your tracks. You quickly dropped your hand from Ryan’s and stuffed it into your jacket pocket, he mirrored your movement. Dylan was waving from the other side of the gate and you forced yourself to not look at Ryan when you walked over.

“Dylan,” you said confused, “what are you doing here?”

Dylan smiled, “I can’t let my best friend, who I haven’t seen in months take a cab home. It’s too expensive and I know how broke college students are.”

You reached across the barrier to hug him, “well thank you for coming.”

Ryan coughed on your right, “what about me little bro?”

“You can’t call me little anymore. I’m two inches taller than you,” Dylan insisted but pulled him into a hug anyway.

You made eye contact with Ryan over Dylan’s shoulder and mouthed, “what do we do?”

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