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I think it’s time to recapitulate what The Musketeers cast is doing now that the show is over. 
Thanks to @hottiemcgreeneyes for doing most of the job. 

Athos - Tom Burke is in London filming as Cormoran Strike for the new serie based on the novels by Robert Galbraith (J.K.Rowling). He started a few days ago.

Aramis - Santiago Cabrera is still filming for the new Transformers movie that should be out in 2017.

Porthos - Howard Charles is in the USA to film the remake of Tremors.

D’Artagnan - Luke Pasqualino has been a very busy boy. Solar Eclipse is due in the summer, the movie Smartass is completed and he’s now filming the serie Snatch.

Treville - Hugo Speer is playing Lucius in the new serie “Britannia”, he’s filming in the Czech Republic. 

Queen Anne - Alexandra Dowling is now in the USA, with black hair, to shoot Starbright 

King Louis - Ryan Gage has the movie 100 Streets coming out (in UK) in november.

Milady - Maimie McCoy is in season 5 of DCI Banks (that just aired)

Grimaud - Matthew McNulty is filming some episodes of The Terror, a new tv show.

Marcheaux - Matt Stokoe is listed on imdb in the cast of James Town, a tv serie. 

Feron - Rupert Everett has kept himself super busy too! The movie  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be in theaters in december, he just finished to film the tv movie Quacks and he’s now filming The Happy Prince in which he’ll play Oscar Wilde. 

Clairmont - Dan Parr was busy with Halcyon Heights, a movie now in post production. 

Gaston - Andre Flynn played a small part in the movie Blue Iguana.

Richelieu - Peter Capaldi still is the Doctor in Doctor Who, he was in the pilot of Class, the DW spin off and he’s also filming Paddington 2

Constance - Tamla Kari has been in a few theater plays, but at the moment she doesn’t seem to be filming anything. 

Sylvie - Thalissa Teixeira like Tamla seems not to be filming, she’s instead dedicating herself to theater 

Rochefort - Marc Warren filmed 44 at Melrose that will be out in 2017


The Musketeers started 3 years ago, on january 19th, 2014. With Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles, Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Maimie McCoy, Alexandra Dowling, Tamla Kari, Ryan Gage, Hugo Speer & Peter Capaldi.

Wherever we draw breath, make a stand, save a life, that is the garrison, we are the garrison.
                                                                                   ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL!    


Congratulations, Armand and Treville! I’m so pleased you’ve successfully solved EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM facing France which obviously you have if you’ve got nothing more pressing to attend to than this contest that is essentially you two boys saying MY daddy personal private army can totally beat up YOUR daddy personal private army.

(And here I’d beren thinking Treville was the calm reasonable one.)

Well, okay, it could be argued the contest is really Louis’s idea (which is how you automatically know it’s stupid), but since Armand and Treville have by this time managed to pretty effectively wind each other up,

it sounds like a SUPERAWESOME idea to them, even though they of all people should know better.

At least in the end d’Artagnan does FINALLY become an official Musketeer* which seriously about time, but I just wish the third to last episode with Armand had contained a lot more substance and a lot less Vinnie Jones.

*We’ll overlook the part where d’Artagnan had no business even being part of the contest since he WASN’T one of Treville’s Musketeers when he did the fighting which was kind of the whole point of the thing in the first place, but whatever.


You know, Armand, being all Monsieur SuperCool!Guy with your I-guess-we’ll-just-have-to-wait-and-see response to the king’s query would be slightly more believable if we hadn’t literally seconds before seen you being all Monsieur SuperPANICKING!Guy with your semi-buddy Treville* and asking a different version of the same question only with a lot more Dramatic!Glaring!  plus a little hat.

*(Treville who is in this instance really IS Monsieur SuperCool!Guy)

I’m just saying perhaps NOT Armand’s finest moment in terms of his reputation as the all-knowing all-powerful Oz First Minister, especially since he has his tiny total freakout right in front of the Duke and Gontard – who both hate his guts – except that luckily for Armand they have to be the least observant suspicious people EVER even when there might as well be a neon sign over Armand’s head saying CARDINAL OBVIOUSLY UP TO SOMETHING:


Reblog If You Love The Musketeers (BBC)

I’ve seen a lot of negativity surrounding this wonderful show and I just want to see how many other people actually love this version of The Musketeers.

 Yeah so I kinda finished my Musketeers Rewatch this morning and now all I want to do is rewatch it again so I can get more Alexandra and Santiago…and Howard…Luke…Tamla… Tom and who the fuck am I kidding I just love the whole goddamned cast from Ryan Gage to Hugo Speer and everyone in between. I just want all of them to do a musketeers movie or something.

For my fellow Musketeers

Tomorrow’s our big day

Wear your finest dress

Be prepared but don’t shoot your telly or laptop

Pray that no one important will die but if one does, take off your hat

and don’t forget your sword -or your fork-

Just in case I borrowed this from the Sherlockians 

and this from the Whovians

Couldn’t borrow the Tardis, Richelieu already took it ;)