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30 facts about Justin Timberlake

alright so some of these are pretty general and some are personal

  1. His middle name is Randall, named after his father
  2. he has two half-brothers
  3. he was in the mickey mouse club with Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling and JC Chasez
  4. Ryan Gosling was living with Justin while they were on set for the MMC and Justin’s mom Lynn was his legal guardian for a while
  5. Justin does not like sharks
  6. He loves pasta and cereal (like a bit too much)
  7. He collects sneakers 
  8. he loves golf and him and his son watch golf together
  9. his shoe size is 11-12
  10. people keep saying he’s short but he’s actually not, he’s 6′1
  11. he loves waffles and pancakes (to be specific, flax waffles with almond butter and a scrambled egg, and blueberry pancakes with pecans and bananas) he has two breakfasts everyday, not just one.
  12. he sings to himself in public or when he can’t fall asleep
  13. he used to get high like all the time but he doesn’t as much as he used to 
  14. his favorite color is baby blue
  15. he wears Calvin Klein Boxers and white tommys
  16. he dated Beyonce for a while 
  17. he was on star search at age 11 and went by “Justin Randall” (recommend watching the performance on YT, its golden)
  18. he has his own brand of tequila 
  19. he has a clothing line with his best friend Trace Ayala (who is a total sweetheart, i met him and he kept smiling at me)
  20. he doesnt write down any of the lyrics he comes up with
  21. he self-taught himself how to play the guitar / piano
  22. hes really realy picky; he dunks his oreos in milk for 7 seconds exactly. 
  23. hes afraid of people throwing things at him on stage 
  24. he regrets the denim look with brit and having cornrows 
  25. he was a huge outcast in school, was bullied and told he would never be cool.
  26. he loves candy and alcohol. if you give him candy he wont even talk to you he’s all about the candy. hes a huge child at heart tbh
  27. he can do a lot of voice impressions and is actually really funny 
  28. milk. he loves milk
  29. his hair. he hates his curly hair
  30. his favorite words are swear words and “crunk” 

    hope you guys learned something new 

things that always without fail make me laugh:

  • that video of britney spears realizing ryan seacrest isn’t gay
  • clay commenting “dogy” on pictures of miscellaneous non-canine animals