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It’s a rough one, isn’t it? It’s hard for our brains to accept.
You see the person every day.
And then… pff. They’re gone.

Wolfies in Paris

The actors are amazing guys they’re all beautiful and super sweet. I had the pleasure to have a free meeting with Victoria she’s a cutie. Froy is the sweetest I swear he always tries to interact with the fans and is always smiling ! All of them are really grateful for the fans


My fave KID🍹💃💃😍

TEEN WOLF RECAP 6x08 - Blitzkrieg

Hello, hello. Are you ready for another recap of this amazing episode who literally broke the internet? Let’s go!

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Joker Vs. Joker (Vs. Joker Vs. Joker): There Are Four Sides to This Story

With “Suicide Squad” around the corner and Jared Leto’s Joker making quite the stir (have you seen those teeth?), we thought it was about time to find out once and for all: Who is of the best Joker of all time? So, we went straight to the source–uh, sources–to find out, gathering a panel of four Jokers and grilling them on the hot button issues, moderated by the only man who can keep them under control (kind of): Batman.

Drawing together Jokers from across time and space, we were able to wrangle Jack Nicholson's Jokers, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Mark Hamill’s Joker and, of course, Jared Leto’s tattoo-laden Joker. Before the greatest Joker of all time is determined, Batman will need to collect the evidence (he is the world’s greatest detective, after all), like which Joker is the best at preparing his diabolical schemes, and which one just most looks the part.

Considering this is a room full of the sinister clowns, the proceedings don’t exactly go as planned. But we do get a glimpse into the future, with a prognostication of Joker casting yet-to-come!

Make your own decision about Leto’s Joker on August 5, 2016 when “Suicide Squad” debuts in theaters.