ryan pierce

  • Person: Who would you bring if someone made a time machine that could travel back to 2007?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: My eyeliner.
  • Me: *Points to all my bands* DON'T YOU DARE GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Want to know about my favorite band? Here, let me tell you all about how they started and explain to you everything they did in their career. Ask me about the history chapter I had to learn for today’s class? How the hell am I supposed to remember all of that?

My Mom Talking About My Favourite Band Members/celebrities

Mikey Way: He’s the only cute member of My Chemical Romance Ryan Ross: he looks homosexual Tony Perry: His owl tattoo is cool but otherwise he’s scary Kellin Quinn: She’s cute Brendon Urie: He’s hot. I’d leave your dad for him Andy Biersack: He looks like a girl trying to be a boy Pete Wentz: eh. Patrick Stump: He looks nice. Joe Trohman: Sometimes he’s cute. Andy Hurley: ew. Jaime Preciado: He’s the only cute member of this band

“No. It wasn’t 10 years ago.”
-Me, everytime I listen to a very old song from my bands

Appreciation for band members who could still look hot while emotionally break down.


Once again, I got bored and made more photo edits. I love doing these, its kind of fun and relaxing to me. <3 Hope you guys like!! 

Photo 1: Voices by Motionless In White 
Photo 2: Fatal by Motionless In White

Photo 3: Million Dollar Houses (The Painter) by Pierce The Veil 

Photo 4: Sweet Blasphemy by Black Veil Brides 

Photo 5: Doomed by Bring Me The Horizon