ryan oreily


I can’t believe I never noticed (until it was pointed out to me by my daughter’s post last night) that this Allstate Mayhem commercial was filmed at the local mall.

Have I told you how much I love these commercials? I know, everybody does. But I’ve been in a bit of love with Dean Winters since his days playing Ryan O'Reily on Oz. O'Reily was my second favorite character (Adebisi was the best, though I loved Augustus Hill, too) so when these commercials first started airing, I couldn’t see anyone but his Oz character behind the wheel.  Did you know that O'Reily played a part in almost every death the first season of Oz?

That character was so well written and played so well by Winters you felt like the character and the actor were one and the same. So devious and manipulative and, well, murderous, yet you (at least I) felt a twinge of sympathy for him, given what happened with his brother Cyril. Ryan O'Reily was one of the greatest tv characters ever written. So well written and played, in fact, that it’s taken me a year of the Mayhem ads to not see O'Reily behind the wheel anymore. 

Well, I’m about to go buy every season of Oz.