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Because my last post about Men in Suits went down so well have some more. 

Why are these guys so beautiful and amazing? And (on a completely unrelated note of course) why are my expectations of guys so high?


1032. “might as well”

theduststormfilm: Not only did the film have an amazing and packed audience for the screening but the movie walked away with both the Grand Jury and Best Director awards during the closing night ceremony! (x)


They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul

My ridiculous cover of Birdhouse In Your Soul. You’ll have to excuse the shenanigans at the start.  It’s not my best cover by any means but it still has a certain charm.  There will be more new ones soon as well as new Buildings on Fire tracks.


Just thought I’d reblog this rendition of Sara Smile by Hall & Oates.  This was done last year and it’s not without it’s imperfections, nevertheless I still am pretty happy with it.  There will be new original material emerging from my good self very soon indeed. Stay tuned.