ryan o 'connell


“I’ve always been a student. I haven’t really looked too much in to the OHL. Right from the get go something I’ve always wanted was to do well in school… I think the school route was definitely a good one.” -Boston University commit and Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Ryan O’Connell

While I’m in the subject of my current XCOM 2 run, I’ve got this fucking crazy Scottish ranger named Ryan O'Connel who is decked out in the Alien Hunter gear; I’m talking the Bolt Caster, the Fusion Axes, the Viper armor, the whole nine yards.

And like this dude could either be ridiculously lucky or unlucky, I’m not sure which. As a ranger I’ve built him to be a close-combat berserker, and granted I’ve put him in a few bad spots by accident and thus contributing to his status as one jammy sonofabitch, he always ends up surviving by the skin of his teeth

Like okay on this recent retaliation mission, I’m a single civilian away from failing the mission because the Archon King showed up and starting bombing the place. So my only option is to send O'Connel to the end of his movement range to pick up two civilians. The first flees the AO and clears the mission requirement, the other one transforms into a faceless.

To make matters worse, by moving this far O'Connel activated not one, but two groups of aliens onto his position; including an Andromedon (big daddies from Bioshock but with aliens), stun lancers (what they sound like), and a fucking Sectopod (walking tanks like AT-STs from Star Wars). All of them pissed at the weird screaming Scotsman who intruded on their position.

So my sniper gets a free Overwatch shot on the sectopod and a lucky crit reduces it to about half health, and O'Connel also gets a free axe throw against the faceless which kills it instantly. Then in the same turn he one-shots the Andromedon with his bolt caster, only for the sectopod to approach his position to put an end to him.

So what does he do? He pulls out his goddamn axe and just slices the fucker. Just bashes this fifteen foot tall robotic abomination like it’s nothing. And this works. The sectopod explodes and O'Connel avoids the damage from it because he has an ability that grants him a free dodge after the kill.

The two stun lancers move in, and he gets a free axe strike on anyone in range. Neither of them die, but are set on fire from the axe strikes. From there they both do their stun attacks and the first one misses, but the second critically hits Ryan and brings him to about a third of his health. The next enemy to.move is the dead andromedon’s suit (which can still operate without the occupant), and he again critically hits O'Connel with a shot to reduce him to zero HP. And the fucker just does not die. He instead goes into bleed-out status, and just as one of my medic stabilizes him, the two stun lancers die from their burning status.

Even when he’s unconscious on the ground, bleeding to death, O'Connel STILL manages to kill shit.

And the best part? When we returned to base, he was given a four day recovery time for “moderate wounds” and a promotion to Colonel, the highest rank.

I fucking love my crazy Scottish berserker guy