ryan notch

Let's Play – Worms Battlegrounds Part 8 (33:06)
  • Ryan: Help and options.
  • Jeremy: Oh.
  • Ryan: Idiot.
  • Jeremy: Jesus!
  • Michael: Damn dude!
  • Ryan: Sorry..
  • *30 seconds later*
  • Ryan: Dude! Look at the controls for more than half a second!
  • Michael: There you go.
  • Ryan: HUD toggle! Idiot.
  • Michael: Ryan.
  • Ryan: Sorry.
  • Jeremy: Ryan is fucking mad.
  • Michael: Ryan's going after him dude.
  • Ryan: Sorry.. sorry I don't know what's...
  • Michael: I know, I'm agreeing with you but take it down a notch though Ryan. Please, okay?