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Me when anything Feud related pops up on my dash
  • Me: *remembers first time watching whatever happened to baby jane*
  • Me: *remembers the cast is mostly incredible women over 40*
  • Me: *remembers how much she misses jessica lange*
  • Me: *remembers that ryan murphy produces top notch first seasons*
  • Me: *sheds a tear*
  • Me: I'm gonna love you so much...

anonymous asked:

Ryan Strome and Dylan strome

okay, so, I spent like half an hour trying to find embarrassing pictures of Ryan Strome, and the closest I could get was this:

which is a picture of him and icedogs teammates in a tub. half-naked, cause that’s how they rolled. now, at best, this is moderately embarrassing. 

meanwhile dylan,

  • recites hockey stats like a nerd:

while hanging from an actual rope?? like, this is not the time, dylan

  • does the “signing flashlights”, according to Mitch Marner:

  • holds connor’s hand so he doesn’t accidentally injure himself on a ropes course and canada collectively loses its shit:

the oilers clearly need to get on top of that shit and send him a fruit basket

  • bleaches his hair for the greater good of his team #leadership

  • is also a confirmed cuddler [x]

in conclusion, it is pretty clear, dylan is, in fact, the superior strome sibling.

put two hockey players in my askbox and i’ll say which i think is hotter

Let's Play – Worms Battlegrounds Part 8 (33:06)
  • Ryan: Help and options.
  • Jeremy: Oh.
  • Ryan: Idiot.
  • Jeremy: Jesus!
  • Michael: Damn dude!
  • Ryan: Sorry..
  • *30 seconds later*
  • Ryan: Dude! Look at the controls for more than half a second!
  • Michael: There you go.
  • Ryan: HUD toggle! Idiot.
  • Michael: Ryan.
  • Ryan: Sorry.
  • Jeremy: Ryan is fucking mad.
  • Michael: Ryan's going after him dude.
  • Ryan: Sorry.. sorry I don't know what's...
  • Michael: I know, I'm agreeing with you but take it down a notch though Ryan. Please, okay?