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Meyers-Briggs Types as Panic! at the Disco Songs

INFP // the Healer: Northern Downpour, Camisado, Behind The Sea
INFJ // the Counselor: She’s A Handsome Woman, This Is Gospel, Trade Mistakes
INTJ // the Mastermind: Mad As Rabbits, Ready To Go, Far Too Young To Die
INTP // the Architect: I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Collar Full, All The Boys
ISFJ // the Protector: Sarah Smiles, When The Day Met The Night, Do You Know What I’m Seeing?
ISFP // the Composer: New Perspective, Memories, Vegas Lights
ISTJ // the Inspector: I Constantly Thank God For Esteban, From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins, I Have Friends In Holy Spaces
ISTP // the Craftsman: Build God Then We’ll Talk, The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know, London Beckoned
ENFJ // the Teacher: We’re So Starving, The Calendar, Always
ENFP // the Champion: Nearly Witches, Nine In The Afternoon, That Green Gentleman
ENTJ // the Commander: Girl That You Love, She Had The World, Bittersweet
ENTP // the Visionary: Lying Is, But It’s Better If You Do, Hurricane
ESFJ // the Protector: Time To Dance, Miss Jackson, Ballad Of Mona Lisa
ESFP // the Performer: There’s a Good Reason, Let’s Kill Tonight, Nicotine
ESTJ // the Supervisor: Kaleidoscope Eyes, The End Off All Things, Folkin’ Around
ESTP // the Dynamo: The Only Difference, Nails For Breakfast, Pas De Cheval


Women directed September US releases

September 8
About Ray (Gaby Dellal) - LIMITED + VOD (delayed until ?)

September 11
Breathe (Mélanie Laurent) -  LIMITED
Paul Taylor: Creative Domain (Kate Geis) - LIMITED
Sleeping with Other People (Leslye Headland) - LIMITED

September 18
Prophet’s Prey (Amy Berg) -  LIMITED

September 25
The Intern (Nancy Meyers) - WIDE*
Mississippi Grind (Ryan Fleck + Anna Boden) - LIMITED + VOD
Misunderstood (Asia Argento) - LIMITED + VOD 

*Notable this month: The Intern is the first film directed by a woman to open wide (AKA over 1000 theatres) since Pitch Perfect 2 did so on May 15th.