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@punexpectedly@hollyashton@kittenmusicals@heart-drake​ so, this is how I spent my night. somebody please take my laptop away 😂

a huge thank you to @heart-drake for taking that picture of maxwell! 💕 

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Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled S01E06 - Were You On The South Bank Show Last Night

So I put Ryan into Fnaf World…..but he is a glitch, cuase he was never meant to be in the game to begin with. He would be a secret boss in the glitch world that you could run across if using the glitch rock (not the one that takes you to the world between worlds) in the dusting feilds, and by walking around the security boss in the normal world. If you manage to find him, and defeat him, you could also progress to the core of the game like when you defeat the normal boss (doesn’t matter if your in the glitch it would take you to the same place).

yeah i love fall out boy, especially their lead singer *looks at smudged writing on hand* pete wentz

Sleepover at Grandma’s

For @crayzay4tay cuz she wanted Grandma Andrea :)

“Nana! Papa! I’m here for my play date!” Max called, running into his grandparents’ house with his sister, Nora, right on his heels.

“Guys, can you please slow down?” Taylor groaned, following them in, her hands full with the baby and sleepover things for the kids. Scott rushed to help Taylor before she dropped anything, taking the baby out of her arms instead of the bags she was about to drop all over the place. He brought the little girl up so that she was right in front of his face and she giggled, reaching for his nose. Her slobbery hand made contact and Scott laughed, bringing her closer to kiss her face.

Taylor adjusted the bags on her shoulder and made her way inside, searching for her mom. Scott followed behind her, still cooing at the youngest. She found her mom in the kitchen, giving Max and Nora cookies.

“Really? Already? They just got here and it’s only eight in the morning!” Taylor laughed, seeing the kids with a cookie in each hand. Max and Nora looked up at her, smiling, before moving to the kitchen table and scooting into their chairs. They knew the rule: you can only eat if you’re sitting nicely at the table.

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