ryan maxwell

So I put Ryan into Fnaf World…..but he is a glitch, cuase he was never meant to be in the game to begin with. He would be a secret boss in the glitch world that you could run across if using the glitch rock (not the one that takes you to the world between worlds) in the dusting feilds, and by walking around the security boss in the normal world. If you manage to find him, and defeat him, you could also progress to the core of the game like when you defeat the normal boss (doesn’t matter if your in the glitch it would take you to the same place).

this has been stuck in my head for the longest time ever since i found the song “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” by Set it off. music link is here if anyone would like to listen to it -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6ifhsL4kKw

  Of coarse some of the words are not the same in the picture because i wanted it to fit what was being shown. Pretty much whats going on is Ryan is talking to someone (probably his brother) saying this after discovering the animatronics destroyed, but also revealing that the children’s souls are now free and there is nothing stopping them now from getting their revenge against him. Out of fear, that’s where the marionette comes into play, created by fear, its not real, but Ryan is and his motives are almost exactly like the puppets, wanting to get revenge against the real killer, which is why the puppet appears to just manifest from behind him and reach out to the one responsible for all the pain that was caused, to him and everyone.

well i’ve been wearing this shirt for a while it’s probably time to change

*takes off fall out boy shirt to put on a different fall out boy shirt*

yeah i love fall out boy, especially their lead singer *looks at smudged writing on hand* pete wentz